Environmental Science Partners bought Citca Technology Group

San Francisco And Portland, OR, January 13, 2022 (PRNewswire) – The Environmental Science Partnership (ESA) is pleased to announce the launch of Citka Technology Group (CITKA). In the headquarters Portland, OreThe 36-person organization joins a new ESA technology service that serves its customers America And more.

Founded in California A.D. In 1969, ESA consistently grew a team of more than 550 staff-owners who provided planning, design, licensing, discount and residential rehabilitation services for projects that serve communities, infrastructure, vacancies and forests. Established in 2008, Sitka develops and manages knowledge infrastructure for protection, rehabilitation and sustainable development. The merger is a natural extension of ENA’s data management capacity, which will accelerate strategic growth in the customer service sector.

“We are thrilled to be able to start the new year with this big step in the growth of ESA, which will greatly benefit our customers, communities and staff-owners,” he said. Leslie Multon-PostESA President and CEO: “We appreciate the outstanding experience and expertise of Citka Group in creating and implementing innovative technology services, and we look forward to working with our clients and communities to translate information into clear decisions, powerful solutions and effective measures. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The founders of Citca Matt Deniston, Brian Novels, And Keith Steel In the ESA technology service practice, he holds leadership positions as vice president, and Deniston serves as operational leader. Over the past three years, ESA and Citka have partnered on projects with a number of key clients, including the California Department of Water Resources and Los Angeles International Airport. The services include data management, visualization and monitoring and reporting programs for these complex projects.

“Joining ESA is a natural fit for the SITKA team, which is committed to innovation, customer service, caring for our people and building on our common values ​​of positive change in the world.” Matt DenistonESA Setka Vice President and Technology Service Operations Leader. “I want to thank and acknowledge my colleagues, co-workers and clients who have supported our mission and vision from the beginning.

“The ability to effectively use technology to capture and analyze large and complex data sets is critical to helping our clients make informed decisions and communicate more effectively with stakeholders,” he said. Mike Leach“We have made significant progress in these areas, and the integration of SITKA will greatly accelerate our goal of becoming a leader in this area. I know many of us in ESA enjoy working with our new partners and have a deep respect for their work.”

ESA History includes a number of well-known mergers and acquisitions that have been used to enhance the organization’s technical services. Read more about these here.

Associates of Environmental Science

ESA is a leading environmental service organization that specializes in planning and design, environmental science, regulatory compliance and rehabilitation. ESA works to improve the sustainability and resilience of communities and the environment, provide responsive customer service and address complex environmental challenges. A 100% employee-owned enterprise, with careful and intentional growth, ESSA invests in the staff-owners in each office. California, Pacific Northwest and Southeast United States. Visit www.esassoc.com for more information.

About Citka Technology Group

Citka combines people-focused consulting with system design and software engineering services. Citka partners with clients to create healthier and more sustainable ecosystems, economies, and communities. Citka has a long history of success in data systems evaluation, design, development, implementation and management. Knowledge infrastructures developed and managed by SITKA provide optimized results for projects, including watershed partnerships and international programs. Visit www.sitkatech.com for more information.

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