Embracing new technologies

The development and adoption of artificial intelligence (II) in healthcare and digital health are further research needs for Sujo Carr.

He has a background in clinical microbiology and has since graduated from the Indian Institute of Statistics and the MIT Sloan School. Dr. Kay is currently an Assistant Faculty of Health Care Analysis and Management at IIM Calcutta and IIT Kharagpur.

Formerly Medical Director of Apollo Glennels Hospital in Kolkata, his current roles are Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Vice President of Apollo Hospitals Group.

The value of digital health

“Apollo Hospitals is constantly working to bring value to digital health and clinical vision in many ways for its patients, families, doctors, healthcare professionals and all stakeholders,” said Dr. Carr. Health care news.

His efforts include Apollo 247, India’s only comprehensive digital health solution with a 24-hour doctor’s consultation, a home-made online pharmacy, an order for diagnostics and a secure private health record system online.

Apollo Hospitals has also developed a number of clinical AI-based solutions, including cardiology, respiratory health, liver disease, antibiotics, breast cancer, COVID-19 scanners and prognosis, and pre-diabetes.

“The goal of these clinical AI devices is to predict different risks and stages and to guide physicians and patients for better intervention,” said Dr. Carr.

The hospital team provides a network of telemedicine counseling, teletherapy and tele-ICU services. He has also taken on a variety of projects using IoT tools for patient monitoring technology.

To address the ethical challenges associated with new technologies, Apollo Hospitals has developed an EASE – Ethics, Adoption, Adaptation, and Explanation / Framework to disseminate practical approaches in clinical AI.

Privacy in emerging technology

Emerging technology can provide simple and affordable health through digital platforms and status management programs.

He believes that the use of patient-reported results is important for shaping clinical approaches, algorithms, and guidelines, and therefore contributes to three objectives: improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing access.

Apollo Hospitals is leveraging new technologies to monitor patient health and lifestyle, using state-of-the-art equipment to monitor patient health and lifestyle, monitor clinical complications and decision-making from millions of patients’ information in their long-term care processes, and simplify the patient’s health and lifestyle. Application Programming Interface (API) for integration with corporate electronic medical records (MRI).

The hospital team will integrate the Apollo Providence program, which provides predictive risk analysis, diagnosis and physician evaluation to create personalized health care programs for patients.

“These algorithms facilitate better clinical decision-making and appropriate and timely changes to higher levels of care,” said Dr. Carr.

Dr. Carr at the HIMSS21 APAC Conference, Personal Access to Personal Technology. This fully digital event will take place on October 18 and 19 and is free for all health care providers. Sign up here.

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