Element Six launches a new diamond section DNV-B14 for quantum technology applications

Oxford, England –Business WireElement Six, part of the DA Beers Group, has launched its new General Purpose Chemical Conditioner (CVD) quantum-level diamond, suitable for quantum technologies such as magnetic field equipment, RF sensors. , Solid-state gyroscope and room temperature plots.

The latest solution in Element Six’s DNV ™ Series, DNV-B14 emerging, expands the company’s advanced materials for emerging quantum technologies. The Nitrogen-Empty (NV) centers provide a unique solid-state platform with diamond-long primers and rotating cubes that can be read at room temperature. These properties are derived from the unique structure of diamonds and strong bonds.

DNV-B14 ፈ is designed to provide a uniform and high density of NV vortex centers for the end user: more than 10 times the NV density compared to DNV-B1 ፣, the first material in the DNV ™ series. Launched last year, the DNV-B1 March was the winner of the SPIE Prism in the Quantum category in March 2021.

The combination of its engineering properties makes DNV-B14 as an ideal solution for the testing and development of multiple technologies, such as NV-based vector magnetometry and room-temperature plots.

Senior technologist Dr. Daniel Twichchene commented, “Sir Ernest Openenhemer, founder of Element Six, says that without basic research, a large industry cannot exist or grow. The DNV ™ series accurately represents this, working on our EVD team for more than a decade and working in eco-systems that include large companies, startups and some of the world’s leading universities. ”

The Envelt Six Diamonds is comparable to the NV-B14 compa. Without the need for complex refrigeration equipment, such devices can be compact, or even portable. They are ideal stimulators for medical diagnostic techniques such as magnetic cardiography (MCG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MG).

Element Six Engineering Diamond Research In 2018, Imperial College London will accelerate the release of quantum research, including the use of engineering single crystal materials in the world’s first continuous wave, room temperature, solid-state management development. (Laser microwave equivalent). Lochid Martin’s 2019 Dark Snow Program is also based on a DNV magnetometer that measures the direction and intensity of magnetic field defects, opening up new opportunities in GPS-restricted navigation.

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