Egypt launches new business facilitation technology to create “the region’s best international logistics center”.

Cairo- (Business WireThe Egyptian government will implement a new trade facilitation technology next month, which will improve operational time and reduce costs for all exporters.

The new process: Pre-Installation Information (ACI) System – is a chain-based technology that helps to fully automate the customs process for all goods entering Egypt. Using electronic data, the new system identifies goods before shipment, and allows goods to be inspected and called before they arrive at Egyptian ports.

The ACI system, which has been conducting pilot tests since April 1, 2019, will be implemented in all Egyptian ports on October 1, 2021. 16,000 companies already importing goods into Egypt are registered with the new ACI system.

Egypt has embarked on ambitious plans to modernize its trade infrastructure, including modernizing its entire customs system. In April 2019, the government launched a single digital trade gateway for all digital ports (DFA), connecting all Egyptian ports.

Nafeza is recognized and supported by various international organizations, including the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Egypt’s transformation program has also established high-tech logistics centers throughout Egypt, as port facilities are used for transportation rather than storage.

Nafeza’s independent assessment shows that customs processing times have already improved by 55%. The government plans to reduce customs clearance time by less than one day.

Egypt is Africa’s second largest importer of $ 78.6 billion (WITS). The country is the world’s largest supplier of wheat and asphalt (FAO / OEC).

Egypt’s Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maite, said: This new technology will make it easier for companies around the world to trade with Egypt, which will help the government plan to create the largest logistics center in the region.

“This new business facilitation technology makes it easier, simpler and cheaper for all companies that export goods to Egypt,” said Jean Notre, CEO of the German Chamber of Commerce (AAC) in Egypt. This shows that Egypt is not only open to trade but also sincerely among the world’s largest trading economies to increase its position at the crossroads of the world.


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