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Educause evaluation tool measures institutional analysis capabilities

EIDHID has created a new self-assessment tool to help colleges and universities better understand how their analytical skills can improve learning and learning experiences, improve student achievement, and achieve institutional goals. The 26-question survey provides a rubric that describes the institution’s current analytical capabilities (as opposed to future goals) and serves as a starting point for further discussion.

The assessment passes the survey provider into five “skill categories”: manpower; Data management; Data management; Leadership; And an informed culture.

  • Manpower Discusses information knowledge, analytics-related roles, and general communication and collaboration about institutional culture;
  • Data Management Covers data sources, data interpretations, policies and practices that support good data management;
  • Data Management Includes infrastructure, digital ethics and information integration;
  • Leadership Explains how institutional leaders understand and prioritize at the strategic level; And
  • Information-supported culture Evaluates decision-making, institutional collaboration, change management and the use of analysis for diversity, equity, inclusion and asset commitment.

Upon completion of the review, institutions will receive a copy of the response by email, which may be shared internally.

“Analysis is a powerful tool for colleges and universities to promote student achievement, improve quality and efficiency, and enhance learning, teaching and research,” said Betty Renit, director of IT programs at the Evidence. As they continue to adapt to the effects of the epidemic, it is more important than ever to use analytics to inform decision-making in those areas.

The device is available here for EDD members.

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