During the key locks, Medi Tech comes to mind

Although Kovid has helped make virtual GP and specialist appointments more common, the technology is far from the epidemic.

The first versions were responsive to issues around the world, including the challenges of providing health care to remote populations, and trying to streamline processes to reduce waiting times.

Hawke Bay Bay dermatologist Juber Hafiji used those “boring” versions when working in Cambridge, UK, 10 years ago. Compared to that time, today’s advanced technology is amazing – for most people, the reliability of the Internet and the clarity of the images make this a very real option.

By the end of last week, he had already made more than 50 virtual recommendations during the key period. “The feedback was great. People of all ages have access to a variety of technologies and have found it very easy.

Dr. Hafiji has always dreamed of establishing virtual counseling technology in his clinic, but this has brought the latest CV lock project to the forefront. We were ready for a few days and were ready to leave.

He says dermatology is good for technology. For some cases we always need a physical appointment, such as skin growths, rashes, acne, hair loss and follow-up appointments.

It will not only be useful during Kovi-related locks. It is really useful for people who live outside the territory due to a disability or illness, or who have trouble leaving home, or who use technology to save time away from work or family.

Dr. Hafiji expects the technology to be “very common”, especially now that it is so simple and specialized medical programs provide the necessary level of security for the processing of personal information.

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