Dundee College of Technology will include a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Computers from cars to cell phones are integrated into homes and factories in everyday life. Computer Engineering Degree Program combines both electrical and software engineering to create countless ready-made engineers and design software and software to solve countless problems. Future students can start enrolling now, classes begin in the fall of 2022.

“The development of computer engineering over the past few years has been virtually unattainable,” he said. Bill Hudson, Dean of the School of Engineering, Dunwoody. “Computers are making real-time decisions and providing efficiency in all industries. There is a great need for engineers in hardware and software communications to ensure integration, performance and efficiency. This demand is intended to complement our new degree program. We have prepared.

Differences in Dundee
Dundee is committed to providing course work and degree programs that meet current industry needs, especially in fast-changing industries such as technology.

Through the Dundy Project integrated engineering approach, students will learn how to design small microprocessors and embedded systems and how to connect and integrate those systems. Students gain an understanding of how things are used in industry, including the Internet, manufacturing, automotive and consumer electronics.

Graduates of the program enter a variety of high-profile careers. Current vacancies include computer engineer, electrical engineer, embedded design engineer, machine learning engineer, data engineer, data scientist, and DAP engineer.

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In Care Of Dundee College of Technology
Founded in 1914 Dunwoody College of Technology It is the only private, non-profit technical college in the Upper Midwest. Applying technical education to more than 250,000 men and women, Dundee is a college for experimenters and makers, a place of curiosity and self-confidence. Available Minneapolis, Dunwood offers unique campus experiences from day one that see students as future professionals in designated laboratories, studios and shops. With more than 46 degrees in certification, associate and bachelor’s degrees – including engineering, robotics, design and other STEM-related fields – Dundee aims to graduate students. More information about Dunwoody is available at. www.dunwoody.edu Or following on Dunwoody Facebook, Instagram And Twitter.

Source: Dunwoody College of Technology


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