Dubber will acquire world-renowned AI technology company Notive

MELBOURNE, Australia, September 19, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Dubber Corporation announces acquisition of ASX: DUB Brisbane, Australia Based Technology Group Notice (https://www.notiv.com). It is a developer of innovative cloud-based AI-based products that converts notable meetings into copied notes, summaries, symbols, actions and more.

Steve McGuven, General Manager, Duber

“One of our basic beliefs is that artificial intelligence plays a part in the normal behavior of every call and conversation. Notice is a significant step towards achieving this by having clear and defined usage issues for everyone. Enterprises. With Notepad, Deborah now has the ability to automatically take notes and create action objects for each call. We are confident that our telecommunications service provider and service partners will see the potential for value-added services for their customers. Dimension.

We welcome the notation team to Dubber with the upcoming AI and data science professions. We will see the teams merge as part of our Debre II Laboratory to develop future II capabilities.

Duberber is appreciated by both parties for its unparalleled ability to leverage the supply chain and the global customer base, and the Notte team can continue to leverage continued revenue-generating services for the booming market.

Dubberber’s overall strategy is to increase organic annual recurrent revenue (RR) by maximizing strategic findings. Purchases must be proportional to the same revenue or provide a high level of production and technology that will drive organic ARR growth. Notice’s discovery perfectly reflects that strategy, and the speed with which the parties process the transaction allows the company to continue to follow other identified opportunities.

Notive will be available to Dubber Foundation partners, select service and solution providers, and sell it to businesses and the government alongside other Dubber solutions.

Chris Rateke, Co-Founder and General Manager Notive

“The Notive Team is particularly proud of the technology we have developed. The ability to distribute Notive globally with the world’s leading service providers is an invaluable opportunity. Opportunity to join Dubber’s development journey and expand Deborah’s AI and NLP capabilities. It’s fun for all of us. We are confident that Dubberber and Notive will provide the same incredible value to our customers, businesses and partners.

James Slaney, COO, Dubber:

Dubberber has more than 150 global service provider partners as well as all of the world’s leading integrated communications solutions – and the only true native, cloud-first type.

Our strategy is always to use this fingerprint to provide value layers and drive relevant revenue. Notice fits in well with this strategy and speeds up our current II program in three ways.

First, we find an exciting and proven product built to address mandatory usage – automatically enabling voice information to improve or replace audio notes for meetings. We believe that the ability to create notes, highlights, and action items in every video and phone call provides the most useful usage for every demographic structure, from individuals to large organizations, thereby expanding Deborah’s already large market. Improved productivity can benefit everyone in all media. For example, in a cell phone call, a merchant can immediately capture customer requests and share actions. Also, C-level executives can use Notice to remember and capture actions at a planning meeting.

Second, we believe that the ability to deliver this capability directly from the network will be a compelling idea for both existing and service partners. We also believe that the opportunity to drive new services, increased revenue and diversity for service providers is a viable product to increase the value of our industry-first foundation partner program.

Finally, Notive will provide Dubber with an international team with a deep knowledge of IB and information science. Together, we will accelerate our overall product portfolio and capabilities and develop our AI, digital signal processing and natural language processing technologies. Notice expands our leadership by engaging and changing conversations between one group of people and another in a meeting.

At each end of the spectrum, we will continue to enable AI capabilities and enable our service and solution providers to make significant changes to the value of each communication to their networks rather than selling their relationship. Now, with more than 150 service providers around the world – including all of the world’s leading UC solutions, you can do just that with Dubber Notice on the most secure, scalable and scalable infrastructure.

Key trading terms

  • Dubberber is the sole owner and operator of American Corporation Pinch Labs, Inc. He acquired Notive by purchasing all the shares. Brisbane-Only established practices and technology
  • Overall estimate $ 6.6 million
  • $ 5.15 million At the end of the day, it was paid in cash and represented by 24.8% of the total amount paid by 386,277 Duberber. $ 3.75. The shares will be released within the capacity of Dubber’s existing Regulation 7.1 edition
  • They must stay with the business, including key management and employees Chris Rateke, Co-Founder and CEO and Dr. Ian Macau, Co-founder and CTO
  • The agreement includes provisions for this nature transaction, including guarantees and representations, confidentiality and competition.

Strategic reason

  • Real basics. Customer-certified application and technology with customers who agree and agree with the Dubber Solution suite
  • Enhances Dubberber’s service and solution provider – and current product offerings. Accelerates Dubber’s technology mapping, making Dubberber accessible to II technologies and adding critical and unique products.
  • The Duber Foundation Partner Program expands diversity and value – and has more than 150 service and solution provider clients around the world.
  • It expands Dubber’s conversational intelligence offerings
  • Dubberber to accelerate global adoption. It provides NOV with critical sales and marketing resources to enhance market-capability
  • Strong synchronization in a product approach means that technologies can be easily integrated into common platforms over time.
  • Support for key shareholders. All management shareholders have been in the business with incentives to continue their strong performance

Financial impact

  • Script and financial estimate ahead. No additional amount will be paid
  • No additional investment in personnel or technology is required to raise the standard
  • Strong potential for pre-existing technology work to increase typical future income (or specified income)

This XX ad has been approved for release to XX Steve McGuven, General Manager and General Manager.

About Dubberber –

Dubberber is unlocking the potential of voice calls from any call or conversation. Duberber is one of the world’s most complex integrated call recording services and voice intelligence clouds that has been adopted by many of the world’s leading telecommunications carriers. North America, Europe And Asia Pacific. Dubberber enables service providers to provide chat recording from any source – transforming them into AI-rich insights for buyers, revenue, customers and people. Duberber is a troublemaker in the multi-billion dollar call-in industry. Its software eliminates the need for on-site hardware, applications, or expensive and limited storage.

About Notive

Notice translates the content of the meeting into transcripts, notes, and actions generated by AI and NLP into practical insights related to the copy. Notice allows you to search and share the transcript, summarizing decisions and actions. It allows noteworthy users to communicate better, whether by phone, computer, or in person. www.notiv.com

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