Drone delivery and electric air taxes on the Solar horizon

LOS ANGELES – Software engineer Ivan Herfafel has hinted that it could soon become a regular sighting in the sky – delivery drones.

“What she enjoys is the development of sometimes frightening and sometimes invasive, very friendly and safe technology,” he said.

What you need to know

  • The A2Z Drone Delivery is based in Los Angeles and has developed a drone delivery system that can deliver goods up to 4 4.4.
  • Ivan Herfafel, co-founder of A2Z Drone Delivery, said that due to FAA regulations, it will take many years for consumers to order goods through drone delivery.
  • Electric-taxis are also on the horizon, as Silicon Valley-based Ark Aviation has partnered with LA to launch a taxi service in early 2023.
  • In a public and private partnership with the City of Los Angeles, City Movement Laboratories is exploring the impact of air taxi services and how to shape LA Air, part of a one-year urban air traffic partnership.

He is the co-founder of Hertafeld A2Z Drone Delivery. Initially In 2016, Aaron Jang, CEO of Brown University, started as a drone project.

With privacy in mind, he spends his time learning how to make shipments safer.

Their latest design is called RDS1 or Rapid Delivery System.

“Sanders at a location close to the ground allows us to put a package of 100 feet[100 m]into the air,” says Herfeld. Only on this hook will it fall.

Herthafeld introduced the technology to Spectrum News, safely delivering a carton of eggs from the sky. However, he said that due to federal aviation regulations, it would take several years for anyone to order an egg using drone shipping.

Some drone operators are allowed to fly to Southern California but are flying in tightly controlled areas and must be checked in full time unless requested by the FAA.

Drone makers can also apply for a certification based on their design.

“Everyone still knows what is the best drone to fly,” Herfeld said. But when these things start to go right, that becomes the limit. There are very few certified aircraft types that the FA has closely observed.

Drones are not the only ones on the horizon.

Electric air taxis are also coming.

Sam Morrissi and Clint Harper are public partners with the City of Los Angeles and the Urban Movement (UML). They are working with the city to study the impact of air taxi services on issues such as public airspace, property rights and regulations, and LA as part of a one-year city-wide partnership.

“It’s really about merging aviation in the city,” said Harper, a UML urban airline. “How do we start to bring aviation to urban centers, to densely populated areas, so that airports can only be located at airports, and how can we do that safely, efficiently and cost-effectively? For the transport system in general ”

Electric air taxis are already in operation as Silicon Valley-based Ark Aviation is partnering with Lali to launch a flying taxi service in the city. They may be released by the end of 2023.

Maurice, executive director of UML, said the goal was to find out how it would hurt residents before they took off and that they did not want air taxis to be the only way for the wealthiest people to travel.

“Whether it’s direct access to transportation or job creation, the construction of a more robust and more efficient grid or with economic growth and additional benefits,” he said.

Meanwhile, Herthafel said the company was working on a drone that could deliver two heavier packages. They already work with customers who use their aircraft to search and rescue their goods.

“We can make medicine, water it, make warm blankets,” he said. “There are so many things you can put in five pounds.


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