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Apple has launched some new devices with it California Stream Event September 14. These products include the iPad, iPad Mini, Apple Watch Series 7, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The tech giant has announced that the new iPad and iPad mini will run on the iPad OS 15. WWDC 2021.. Similarly, the iPhone 13 series will work with the next iOS 15. Apple announced today (September 20) that it will release both iPad OS 15 and iOS 15 to users.

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IOS 15 gets notifications summary, new focus, SharePlay and more

IOS 15, iPadOS 15: How to download

You will be prompted to update iOS 15 on a compatible iPhone immediately. If not, in your hand [設定]>[一般]>[ソフトウェアアップデート] Tap “Download and Install”. Before installing the update, make sure the battery is over 80% and that the phone is fully charged. We also recommend that you back up your data before installing new updates.

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Apple iOS 15, iPadOS 15: Compatible Devices

The new iOS 15 is compatible with iPhone 6s and later models. Meanwhile, the new iPad OS 15 is compatible with iPad mini 4 and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad 5th generation and later, and all iPad Pro models.

Apple iOS 15 Features

New iOS 15 compatible with iPhone 6s and later Festim Make it look more “natural and comfortable”. It also includes a new microphone mode that can distinguish user noise from background noise. The new grid view allows users to view multiple faces at the same time during GroupFaceTime.

IOS 15 highlights

Apple introduces SharePlay Festim This allows the user to listen to the song Apple Music, Watch movies and shows together. This feature also enables screen sharing. SharePlay is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac. In addition to it, Festim You also have the option of creating a link for device-platform use between your web device and non-iOS devices.

IOS 15 also comes with a new “focus” feature to adjust what you want to focus on. The new iOS 15 has a new look for notifications. Notification profile icon has grown. The new notification summary provides a summary of all “time-critical” notifications at the selected time.

The new software update also includes a new live text feature that allows you to automatically recognize and select text in images, including handwriting that you can copy and paste yourself. With the new update Apple Map The app now includes details such as pedestrian crossings and bike lanes. The app shows 3D city experiences in some cities in the United States.

AirPods Pro gets a new chat mode that automatically raises the chat volume. AirPods will find FindMy features all around you, even if you are in a situation. The weather app design has also been reviewed.

Apple has also announced a new feature called iCloud + in iCloud. This cloud storage offers “New Internet Privacy Service, iCloud Private Relay” at no extra cost. All iCloud members will be upgraded to iCloud + and their plans can be shared with family sharing groups. According to Apple, users can use unlimited free iCloud + storage for up to 3 weeks, even if their iCloud account does not have storage.

Apple Email Get email privacy protection to disable your IP address, location, and tracker. IOS 15 introduces three new features. Health App users can share their health information with their family, guardians or care groups. The new “trends” feature show the user’s health measure, and the “walking stability” feature shows a new measure to make the risk of falling more efficient.

S. Apple TV The app displays a “set of scenes and movies based on the needs of the chosen person or the whole family” with the line “For all of you.”

Apple iPad OS 15 Features

With the iPadOS 15, the iPad finally has a “App Library” that allows you to hide and resize the home screen widget and pages. The new software update also includes a multi-function shortcut that allows you to easily switch between apps in the next view. Below is a “shelf” that shows all open applications. iPadOS 15 also adds quick notes that can be used in parallel with third-party apps and sites, allowing you to easily drag links and text to make notes. The user will also receive a “tag” that allows them to sort the notes according to their preferences.

IPad OS finally displays the widget on the home screen.  Image: Apple

IPad OS finally displays the widget on the home screen. Image: Apple

Apple has announced a new “universal control” feature that allows users to use a mouse and keyboard between the iPad and Mac. According to Apple, “Users can drag and drop content between devices, perfect for drawing pictures with an Apple pencil on the iPad and placing it on key slides on Mac.”

The new iPad OS 15 is compatible with iPad mini 4 and above, iPad Air 2 and above, iPad 5th generation and above, and all iPad Pro models.

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