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Car safety technology is constantly evolving and evolving with different manufacturers and types of vehicles. Many new systems, such as advanced driver support systems, adaptive cruise control, and lane parking assistants, are designed to help drivers, but is this new technology doing more harm than good?

Investigating Conflict

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, one of their main responsibilities is to investigate the cause of the conflict and then identify all responsible parties and document the damages. Otherwise, the injured party will not receive compensation for their losses.

Car crashes involving technology can often be complicated by the fact that they pass the engine alone. Therefore, it is important to understand the potential dangers of car accidents as a result of this new technology.

Does in-car technology make driving safer?

Numerous studies indicate that driving technology has made driving safer. For example, blind spot monitoring has a 14 percent reduction in crash participation compared to models without the same technology. Here are some in-car technology solutions that can benefit safe drivers.

Automatic braking systems

Automated braking systems use sensors to detect crash conditions and alert drivers and automatically alert brakes if the driver’s response is too slow. Many automobiles have promised to include this technology in all new cars by 2022.

Backup cameras

Backup cameras use rear cameras and dashboard controls to help drivers stay safe. Provides close view of the rear of the vehicle, including blind spots. This technology helps to reduce the number of backup cases by approximately 46 percent. However, it does not take the place of the vehicle’s mirrors and does not overlook their shoulders when they turn back.

Smartphone apps

Some car technology used today is not connected to the car but to your smartphone. There are some apps you can use to help you avoid using your phone while driving. Some applications even lock the smartphone so the driver cannot use it until it stops. These apps are especially popular with parents of teen drivers.

Emergency contact

One of the more helpful features of some new cars is emergency communication systems that allow drivers to communicate with employers, ask for roadside assistance, and access other emergency services.

Disturbing things

While these new technologies can help create safer drivers and prevent accidents, you should also consider some of the negatives of this technology. Even if you do not lift your hands off the wheel or off the road to use this technology, this type of integration can still distract attention.

For example, drivers with Bluetooth connectivity in their vehicles are 16 percent more likely to use their smartphones while driving.

Safe driving

As you can see, there are mixed feelings about the use of new car technology. Some are designed to improve security and help the driver, while others can cause distractions such as Bluetooth. In addition to car technology, we need to take into account the dangers of other distractions, such as driving.

Safe driving involves paying attention to your surroundings, staying alert, and ultimately avoiding distractions.

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