Deutsche Borse launches digital post-trading platform

Deutsche Borse will launch a fully digital post-trading platform from Q4 2021, using the framework established by the recently approved German Digital Security Act.

This digital platform, known as the D7, Supports distributed accounting technology and links to cloud-based services, enabling market participants to digitally connect financial products to established centralized and distributed markets and infrastructure.

The German Market Infrastructure Group points out that this will provide a wide range of grants, subsidies, payments, guardianship and asset services for the same digital securities, providing a day-to-day basis for the value chain and a paperless, automated basis. .

Deutsche Borse is developing the D7 platform in collaboration with its long-time technology partners, Digital Property and Microsoft, in collaboration with DLT-Specialist R3 and VMware.

It has partnered with several financial services companies, including BNP Paribas, City, Dekabank, Deutsche Bank, dwpbank, DZ Bank, Goldman Sachs, Rifton Bank International and Vontobel.

D7 will be implemented in a scalable package until 2024.

Planned to begin in November 2021, Clearstream Banking AG’s new digital registration provides the basis for security and protection in line with the new law introduced in 2021 under the German Digital Securities Act, eWpG. It connects to the existing post-trading infrastructure through Clearstream Banking AG Frankfurt, CSD, Germany, including the TARGET-2 Securities Forum.

The group By mid-2022, more than 80 percent of German ISS will be eligible for digital registration through a digital central registry, with certificates and orders issued by Claresc Bank Bank AG on the same day and a paperless, automatic STP.

As an open platform, D7 supports decentralized and off-the-shelf (DVP) settlement and security systems. This provides FundsDLT for fund management and distribution and regional connectivity for various DLT platforms, including HTML.x Borrowing for security transformation and security baskets.

Stephen Litner, executive director of Deutsche Borse, in charge of pre- and post-trade, said:

“It’s not just about digitalizing single processes. Now is the time for a stronger, more sustainable and digital future for the security markets to fully re-engineer future trading poverty.

Christoph Bom, Deutsche Borse CEO and CO, comments: “D7 reflects our strategic aspirations and our clear focus on innovation and new technologies.

We are building a financial infrastructure that will ensure the future of the digital age, providing state-of-the-art technology and services, and paving the way for our industry to transform into digital markets.


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