Despite the paper loss, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Silor Bulish on Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the largest corporate investor in MicroStrategy, has decided to continue investing in its “digital asset strategy” despite its losses. The US-based business intelligence software developer currently valued Bitcoin holdings at $ 2.051 billion (approximately Rs 15,255 kroner), or $ 689.60 million (approximately 5,130 kroner). However, this is only considered paper loss (not realized yet), which is entirely based on the value of the cryptography at the end of the second quarter. Michael Silloor, the future CEO of the world’s most secretive cryptocurrency, has often said he is “delighted with the results” in his digital asset strategy.

Silor said in a statement that the company’s latest financial support has enabled it to increase its digital holdings to more than 1.05 million Bitcoins. “As we move forward, we intend to continue to invest more in our digital asset strategy,” he added.

The company said its macro strategy contains approximately 92,079 Bitcoins.

On Friday, Silore reiterated his position on the future of Bitcoin, saying that the company’s strategy is to invest in Bitcoin as a long-term “digital asset”.

In another Twitter post, he said that Bitcoin is now the fastest growing and most widely held financial asset in the history of the world, with more than 114 million people.

Last month, another billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk, mocked Bitcoin maximalists, and Sailor responded.

Saylor made its first investment in August last year, buying 21,454 Bitcoins for $ 250 million (approximately 1,860 kroner). In February of this year, his company added another 19,452 Bitcoins to about $ 1 billion (approximately 7,440 kroner). On March 1, the microstructure Bitcoin holdings reached 90,859 BTC $ 2.19 billion (approximately Rs. 16,290 kroner).

In less than a year, Saylor solidified the relatively unknown intelligence software into the Bitcoin Bitcoin ETF.

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