Deputy Attorney General Trump resigns after posting Facebook post praising rioters

Attorney General Jason Miyares’ spokeswoman Victoria Lassivita, for her part, said the office did not know before the Washington Post shared its screenshots Thursday morning before sharing the screenshots.

Many have argued that President Donald Trump’s efforts were a coup attempt on January 6. And why is it important? (Monica Rodman, Sarah Hashimi / Washington Post)

“This information was not disclosed to the Attorney General’s Office this morning,” Lasivita said in a statement. “Ms. Miles has resigned from the Attorney General’s Office.

“The attorney general is very clear – Joe Biden won the election and condemned the January 6 attacks,” Lasivita said.

In an email to the post, Miles called the revelation of Facebook posts a “characteristic murder to provoke controversy” and wrote: “Some liberals have drawn their swords against black conservative women.”

“The posts were made at a time when the news was still growing again,” he said. “It all happened before the audit. These posts have been taken out of context.

He added: “What we know about the election now is very different from what we knew on election day 2020 or when President Biden was inaugurated on January 2021. I believe they are our president as certified. as such.”

Miles wrote that the capitalist attack was carried out by “patriots” on the afternoon of January 6, just hours after the attack began and a riot was declared.

Trump’s adviser Peter Navaro has published a book in which he outlines Trump’s plans to stay in power. (Monica Rodman, Sarah Hashimi / Washington Post)

“Flashlight: Patriots invade Capitol. No wonder. His deep sleep awakened the giant who was asleep, ”Miles wrote in a screenshot. “Patriots are not taking this lie. Either way, we are awake, ready, and ready for our rights.

In response to a comment from Miles, Miles wrote that the protest was a “peaceful protest.” She added, “Do not trust SMS,” This acronym is commonly used for mainstream media.

Miles’ alleged false flag operation is a “common anti-counter and BLM threat” tactical, which is believed to have edited the original post to blame the Capitol riots on “anti-patriotic”. BLM is commonly used to refer to Black Lives Matter activity.

“Patriots are peace-loving, not Antifa and BLM,” Miles continued.

A.D. In other editions released in the weeks following the 2020 presidential election, Miles China intervened and filed unfounded allegations of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and other states. She openly and falsely claimed that Trump was the real winner of the election by two points.

“These left-wing extremists are better aware of the fact that the DJT is in its second term,” Miles wrote in his first letter to Trump.

Miles, the Deputy Attorney General of Public Works and Transactions, had a broad vision of representation. In matters relating to elections, the State and the State Electoral Board and the Board of Elections provide legal advice to the State Electoral Commission and the governing body.

The former administration has worked on how to conduct elections in the event of a pandemic, whether legal issues will arise in the run-up to Virginia’s 2020 presidential election, and whether certain ballot papers will be counted.

The office hosts litigation and legal advice on environmental, transportation, technology and energy issues. He was one of the chief aides of Alexandria Miles. Announced When he started work last month.

Friends describe Miles as a strong conservative who is not afraid to make controversial claims on social media.

A.D. In 2015, Miles lost to Alexandria City Council. She has also worked as a lawyer for a consortium that seeks to limit immigration.

Miles is the founding president of Alexandria. In 2021, she was named one of the state’s top lawyers by Virginia Business Magazine.

Democrats have been criticized by Mares for their actions, which have led to the dismissal of about 30 members of the Attorney General’s Office. The House panel, which investigates the January 6 attack, includes a law firm licensed by the University of Virginia, which has been licensed to serve as chief investigator.

Dell Schuller T. Vanvalenberg (di-Henriko) said he was unhappy with his Facebook posts as he was being called for legal advice on election law. In recent years, he said, Virginia has worked to improve elections and increase the number of votes cast.

Vanvalkenberg said: “I think this is a very serious sign. “This’s January 6 seems to be in line with the National Republican Party, which claims it is a common political event.

Miles, who is well-known, said he posted the posts on his personal account, which is one of three that the post found on Facebook. Most of the posts were tagged “Monique Miglia”, but later changed to “Myb Monique”.

Comments from the post will not be made public, but Miles has not been deleted, he said.

The post-screen shot of the rioters on January 6, 4 ፡ 20 ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል ያሳያል At the time of writing, rioters stormed the Senate and entered the Senate.

Based on a screenshot, the post and later editions attracted a lot of angry comments from Miles’ Facebook friends. They include one of Miles High School’s government teachers who wrote, “I am poor.”

The teacher declined to comment.

The Auckland California taxman, who met Miles abroad in Japan and described her as kind, recalled a January 6 post that this was a breaking point for him after weeks of losing support for his ideas. . Grimmett says he has since muted Miles’ posts on his Facebook feed.

“I took my line on the sand and crossed it,” said Grimet.

In the weeks leading up to the January 6 post, Miles regularly posted about the presidential election and debated the results with his Facebook friends. The posts come as President Trump pushes out false allegations of electoral fraud.

In an article she wrote with a friend, she said it was implied that the soldiers had rigged the election, according to a script.

“China’s intervention is real,” Miles wrote. “This is a matter of great national security. You cannot file such evidence in a civil court without following proper protocol.

In another exchange with the same person, Miles wrote that MSM, or major media outlets, had been violated by CCP, possibly the Chinese Communist Party.

“We are at war with CCP and those who sold our country,” Miles wrote. “Trump is going to bring them down. Biden, who touched himself, would never enter the White House.

In another exchange, Mazen Basarawi, a friend of Miles University of Virginia, where they both attended college, Miles. He asked if he believed Trump had won the 2020 election, and wrote that there was no “zero evidence” of widespread voter fraud.

“Yes,” Miles replied, “based on a screenshot,” based on allegations of fraud in Pa, AZ, Michigan and other states and violations of election laws and the Constitution. You will see it in the next few weeks.

In response, Basil wrote: “It is very dangerous.”

“I responded because I thought it was dangerous to talk about what happened in a democratic election,” Basrawi said in an interview. “This will sow division in a country that needs to come together.”

According to a Facebook friend, allegations of fraud in the 2020 election are being used to provoke outrage and violence in Trump’s honor.

Miles: “These are not false accusations. You have not seen the evidence yet. Things are going to be very real. ”

Miles has published articles on Facebook in support of the 2020 election conspiracy theories, one about the rejection of GOP polling stations by Dominion Voting machines in Georgia and the other about the fraudulent voter fraud on Facebook.

“Facebook and Liberty Challengers don’t want you to see it,” Miles wrote in the post.

A.D. In mid-January 2021, Miles’ post on Facebook about the “Trump rally” led to her being selected from a board of directors. She wrote that she was disappointed that the post was included as part of the Board’s election materials.

“It’s unfortunate that there are so many people with Trump Derangement Syndrome who try to silence him in any way they can,” Miles said. Important “

MWELA President Omar Melehi confirmed that he had not been elected to the board in January 2021, but declined to say whether the January 6 Miles post played a role.

“In January 2021, MWELA ran for the Miles seat and other vacant seats and there were more candidates for the vacant board seats,” Melehi said in a statement. “She did not get enough votes to continue as a board member.”

“It is important to have a free and open discussion on issues of concern without deleting them,” Miles wrote in an email to the Post.

“Democracy dies when civil discourse is disrupted,” she wrote. “Civil discourse makes us strong as a community.”

She writes that the 2020 election has created more interest in the integrity of the electoral process and that voter identification laws and regulations are a must.

One of the most recent screenshots of a Facebook post posted was November 2, when Virginia defeated incumbent Democrat Mark Herring in the Virginia general election. Miles writes that “vote-rigging” seems to be taking place in the “Commonwealth Across” areas.

Miles writes that Republican voters went to the polls on election day and that the polls were over. “#Shenanigans,” she wrote.

“I am in the office of the Registrar,” wrote Miles. “I’ll wait a long night.”

Teo Armus and Jennifer Jenkins contributed to this report.

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