Defensive research, technology is becoming more and more popular among students – DRDO Chief

In recent years, there has been a lot of interest among young students to pursue defense research, technology and partner research, said Dr. Satish Reddy, Chairman of the Defense Research and Development Organization.

Redi was speaking with the Department of Defense and Strategic Studies, a one-year postgraduate diploma in defense technologies, at the University of Saviv Fulle.

Starting this year, DRDO and the All India Council of Technology (AICTE) have launched the M.Tech program in defense technologies. So far, 42 engineering institutes have decided to offer this two-year course.

“A few years ago, when many students chose information technology and communication, there was a great deal of interest among students in pursuing defense studies and research. With the constant pressure to “do it in India,” there is an atmosphere in which many defense technologies, industries and startups are being built, and students are excited about this topic, ”Reddy said.

PGD ​​offered by SPPU will have a student enrollment capacity of 40, all of whom will be selected accordingly. The course is expected to begin sometime in October for all science graduates, including engineers.

Reddy, who is new to the Department of Defense and the author of R&D, said: “Defense technology is not being studied as a subject. The idea of ​​promoting M.Tech education is to develop the necessary skills in students who can choose R&D, industry or design and development, and therefore ይፈጥራል create a skilled workforce and ecosystem. In the short time that M.Tech has been introduced to more than 40 institutions, this in itself is indicative, and would not have been possible without the interest of students.

With an emphasis on defense materials and technology for defense purposes, DRDO plans to fund 500 PhD scholars for defense-related research alone. More than 300 institutions and eight centers of excellence in various national institutions are also working on DRDO-sponsored projects, which are natural for the future.

“The defense sector and the industry have taken a quantum jump. The academy has played a big role in that,” Reddy said.

Sharing the growing numbers, the chairman of DRDO said that India is currently developing more than 2,000 industries involved in Phase I and II activities – systems and sub-systems in the defense sector. In addition, there are more than 10,000 industries in Level III – providing components and components. There are now many startups working on defense technologies.


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