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Blacksburg, VA –Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Team defeated North Carolina by a score of 66-61, beating North Carolina by just 32.8 percent.

Hockey (19-6, 11-3) Three players lead by double digits Georgia AmooreHe stole 17 points and two. Elizabeth Kitley With 15 points, eight assists, two steals and five blocks and Aisha Sheppard Scored with 14 points.

Virginia Tech offense was very effective beyond the arch, pouring 11 thirds in 28 attempts. Amor is an accomplished shooter for hockey, finishing five trays in the race.

How did it happen?

Virginia Tech fell 21-9 behind the first quarter and struggled outside the door.

Virginia Tech then cut the Tar Heels lead to 26-19 before going 31-06 to take a 12-0 lead. Tar Hales was cut to that lead, but hockey still used the 31-28 lead for half an hour. Virginia Tech has been strong since time immemorial with four three-point shots to take 12 of their 22 points.

North Carolina then beat Virginia Tech 8-0 to take a 42-35 lead and a 35-34 lead before finishing third in 4 49 49. Before the end of the third period, the Hockeys took a two-point lead and advanced to the fourth quarter with a 52-43 margin. Virginia Tech hit three points in the quarter to earn nine out of 21 points.

Virginia Tech finished 6-0 in a 6-0 race at the Shepard, increasing the lead to 3-5 10 to increase its lead to 63-53. Tar Hales narrowed the gap before the end of the game, but hockey went on to win 6-6-61. Virginia Tech fired from a distance in the quarter, hitting three shots to get nine out of 14 points.

Game notes

Virginia Tech has hit the crossbar by hitting 11 trays.
»Hockey only hits 32.8% of Tar Hels.
Virginia Tech defense 16 changes.
»The hockey players were active, hitting shots on the defensive edge, scoring six blocks as a team.
» Georgia Amoore He led hockey by 17 points.
»Virginia Tech earned the top eight in the group Elizabeth Kitley.

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