Deep Pharmacy Intelligence will be released “Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Q2 2021)”.

Artificial Intelligence (II) is the driving force behind the current digitalisation and pharmaceutical research.

– Dr. Andrew Buvalo

LONDON, United States, August 10, 2021 / – Deep Pharmacy Information Releases New Report “Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Q2 2021)”, a new series of market studies. On the technological ecology in the pharmaceutical industry. To our knowledge, this is their role in the initial strategic evaluation of such companies and in shaping drug discovery and clinical research.

This report highlights 145 leading technology companies in the following categories.

‘Big Tech’ corporations;
– R&D platform providers driven by artificial intelligence (II);
– Large data providers
– Quantum Computing Companies
– Automated laboratory developers, and laboratory automation suppliers
– Other high-tech services (support services)

The report describes the ecology and provides insights into key trends, strategic R&D collaboration, investments, technology application case studies and much more. Each category is discussed separately, giving examples of companies and technologies.

The report focuses on “big technology” players entering the pharmaceutical industry, highlighting high market activity, and business partnerships and investments.

Finally, the emergence of new types of business models, AI-drug-Candid-as-a-service, blockchain-based federal education, remote laboratories and testing as a service, computation, and ‘super-platforms’.

The main purpose of this report is to identify technological innovations into the pharmaceutical industry, and its impact on the industry as a whole. The insights from the report will be invaluable to corporate decision makers, technology scouts, high-tech investors, and other stakeholders in the pharmaceutical business.

Dip Pharmaceutical Intelligence Director Dr. Andrew Buvalo said: “Artificial Intelligence (II) is the driving force behind the current digitalisation and pharmaceutical research. However, the AI ​​is not worth it in itself, it must be relied upon for big data, computational infrastructure, automated experimental research, data exchange protocols and much more.

“As pharmaceutical companies become more accepting of AI, they will be dependent on all other technologies, enabling data-based drug discovery and pharmaceutical industry 4.0. In our study, we provide insights into where the industry is moving with technologies and where partnerships are emerging. ”, Andrew continues.

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