Damstra Technology wins SNMPE 2021 Technology Innovation Award

Melbourne, Australia, March 7, 2022 (PRNewswire) – Damstra Technology, Australia’s leading provider of end-to-end contractor management software solutions for Australia, has recently been selected and accepted as the winner of the “Global Excellence Provider” category. 2021 Technology Innovation Award A private association representing all the companies operating in these industries from the National Association of Minerals, Oil and Energy (SNMPE). Works with various technical, commercial, support, sector and legal committees and publishes analytics, statistics, and organizes events and awards.

Damstra, the SNMPE Technology and Innovation Committee, has selected the Enterprise Conservation Forum (EPP) as an advanced technology solution to meet the strategic, strategic and operational needs of companies in the Peruvian mining and energy sectors. This award recognizes, highlights, and rewards the technological advancement and innovation that contributes to the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of companies in these industries.

The evaluation criteria include Damstra’s uniqueness and innovation level for these sectors, its strategic value, how it successfully addresses issues and opportunities creatively, its methodology and cost benefits, and its ability to solve global problems in mining. Industry.

The award includes a special painting, a special trophy and details on mining and SNMPE forums by renowned Peruvian artist Cherman Kino. These details recognize Damstra as a winner for more than 140 SNMPE member organizations that have come together to share challenges and solutions to update and promote technologies that could benefit these organizations in the mining and energy sectors.

“By overcoming this Technology Innovation Award “Damstra is something to be proud of.” Christian DamstraCEO and founder of Damstra Technology. “It’s not just creative. More market Awareness b We are in Latin AmericaBut this is also a big win Our corporate protection platform and the great value that this integrated approach offers to our customers. ”

About Damstra Technology
Damstra, ASX: DTC, develops a variety of software solutions that help enterprises connect and protect their organizations, including security at Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP), eLearning, Solo, Digital Forms, Asset Management, Access. Monitoring and forecasting security analysis. There is also a component of hardware integration with workplace terminals, doors and wearables based on the workplace. Go to www.damstratechnology.com for more information

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