Dalrada Clean Energy Board includes technology consultant William Davidson

San Diego – (Business Wire) – February 16, 2022–

Dalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”) is pleased to announce that William Bill “Davidson” is a new advisor to the Board of Innovation, and will continue to thank its investors, shareholders and staff for their continued support. Business Strategy.

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Mr. William “Bill” Davidson joins the Board of Directors of Dualrada Energy. (Photo of BusinessBusiness Wire)

Davidson’s executive leadership has spent more than 35 years developing business strategies for existing and new businesses. He has successfully led companies in a number of executive positions in the telecommunications, software and semiconductor industries.

Mr. Davidson is currently a security technology battery company at AMionx COO. He is also the Founder and CEO of Sapphire Group, a consulting firm focused on Business Strategy, Marketing, Public Relations and Investment Relations. His previous work included Frost Data Capital Partner, specializing in fundraising to start and measure startups. Also, as Senior VP and Chief Operating Officer, Senior VP and a multidisciplinary semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company, Mr. Davidson oversaw the merger of more than 5,000 employees with the acquisition of IBM semiconductor manufacturing. In addition, he has been with Qualcomm for over 12 years and has served as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Investment Relations and Senior VP of Global Operations. He spent 12 years at Bell Atlantic (now Verizon) with various sales management positions and wireless data sales and marketing.

According to Mr. Davidson, “Dallarada’s business portfolio diversity and targeted markets have attracted my involvement in consulting capacity.

Brian Bonner, Chairman and CEO of Dallas, added, “Dalrada is pleased to welcome Mr. Bill Davidson to the Pure Energy Consultative Board.

Dallad Branches is constantly developing innovative solutions to address the complexities of today and the future of Dallas Predation, Dallad Technologies and Darada Health. For more information on Dalarada and its affiliates, visit www.dalrada.com.

About Dalarada (DFCO)

Dalrada Corporation is committed to solving global challenges today and tomorrow with perseverance, courage, diligence and vision.

Dalarada is an international company that works to create innovative innovations for the benefit of the world. The company is constantly working on solutions to disrupt the accessibility gap and accelerate positive changes for present and future generations.

A.D. Founded in 1982, the company has since expanded its reach by incorporating commercial components such as Dalarrada Health, Dalarrada Accuracy and Dalarada Technologies. Each Dallas branch is actively developing affordable and affordable global solutions to global problems. Please visit www.dalrada.com for more information.


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