Dada Hybo System has been awarded the best experience of retail technology innovation

Shanghai, September 22, 2021 (PRNewswire) – The Chinese leader is pleased to announce that the Dadaab Hybo Omni-Channel Online Retail Operating System has been awarded the Best Practice of 2021 Retail Digital Transformation. And the application of technology in Chinese Chain Store & French Association (CCFA).

The Dada Hybo system integrates marketing, products, users, account reconciliation and order enforcement into a systematic, digital and step-by-step platform, greatly improving operational efficiency and reducing costs for many leading retailers. China. A.D. According to the latest list released by the CCA, China’s top 100 supermarket chains are following the system in 2020.

Deployment of Dada Hybo system in Wangangwang Supermarket, leading the supermarket Jiangji Province, Recognized by CCFA for its amazing digital transformation. This trader had hoped to increase sales through O2O channels, but was struggling with losses due to a lack of details. By adopting the Dada Haibo system, they have been able to automate the reconciliation process for Omni-Channel businesses. And Dada Hibo’s visual dashboard allows them to analyze all operational data in a comprehensive way, including sales sites, stores, product categories and SKUs. With the adoption of the Hibo system, the Omni-Channel O2O sales have increased by more than 50%. In addition, their O2O business has improved 3.5 times.

For his part, Wangzongwang Supermarket Chairman Rong Hu said, “Since the establishment of our partnership with the Dada Group, Wangzongwang has made rapid progress in the new retail business, making significant strides in digital services and O2O business.”

By the end of August, the Dada Hybo system had been approved by more than 4,300 retail chain stores, by the end of April it had grown significantly from 3,300 stores, and the number was growing. A hibo system has already been established to increase the efficiency of retail O2O business as well as to increase the revenue of partners from O2O business. Last year, the Dada Hibo system was also revived. In 2020, China’s Best Retail Digitization was awarded by CCFA.

About the Dada group

Dada Group is a leading local retail and shipping platform China. It now operates JDDJ, one of China’s largest and most sought-after retail platforms for charters and producers, and is now a local supply platform open to traders and individual exporters in a variety of industries and product categories. The two platforms of the company are interconnected and mutually supportive. The Dada Now Forum provides improved delivery experience for participants through easy access solutions and a strong demand infrastructure. Meanwhile, with the JDJ platform, the number of orders sent by the JDD platform increases with the current order size and density of the platform. In June 2020, Dada Group began trading on the Nadak Global Market under the “Dada” logo.

SOURCE Dada Group

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