Cultbike Review ፡ Smart bike beyond riding

January used to be a time when some of us enrolled in the gym. But with Covid-19 and Omicron, those days are well behind us. However, the need to focus on our physical health is growing. This explains why many people take home fitness equipment seriously. Cultfit bikes are one of the tools to help users who want to achieve their fitness goals at home.

Interestingly, Cultbike was originally called ‘TreadOne’ until Cult discovered the company and changed its name. It comes with a screen, and the ability to attend live or on-demand lessons. But how do you measure up to other options available in the market? Let’s face it – most companies don’t pay attention when it comes to advertising.

Cultbike Review: Good

Cultbike is definitely a must once it is set up in your home. Just make sure the location you decided to save is close to the dock. That requires the display to work. The company sends someone to set up the bike, and they provide a display of all the controls. Make sure you go through it.

If you are thinking about this, make sure you have enough space for a bicycle at home. (Image credit shruti Dhapola / Indian Express)

For the first time in my life, I was mistaken for an office worker. And then we had a little trouble changing the seat height. However, once the technician explained how to use the lift correctly, it was not a challenge.

This magnetic shield is very quiet when used on a bicycle and. Depending on their height, one can adjust the seat and handle. But the main selling point here is the 22-inch display and the content it offers. The display can be rotated completely. However, rotation is just like any other upper body exercise.

There is a resistance key, you can turn left or right depending on how much you want to push yourself. You can also press the key correctly and increase the resistance to 100 per session. But it will not be pressed.

Cult is offering live lessons to drive. On-demand classes offer driving, yoga, cardio, strength training, and attractive rides. There is no registration yet for these classes. But when it comes to business models, I think it will take some time. The rooms are now free, which is a great deal.

Cultbike, Cultbike Review, Cultbike Price, Cultbike vs FlexNest, Cultbike Price in India The key to protection on a bicycle. (Image credit shruti Dhapola / Indian Express)

When setting up the bike, you will need a mobile number to purchase this. Account registration required. Surprisingly, since it was part of my review, I could not use my mobile number to create an account. The ritual then had to give one access to a different number. That’s why all my workouts are certified by a person called ‘Harish’ in Bangalore.

I participated in four driving classes – two direct and two on command. There is a live guide board as you ride. You can see how others in the class work and where they stand. The screen shows the resistance, RPM (rounds per minute), distance covered, number of calories burned, and the amount of energy generated during the session. That last one is used to determine the steps on the leaderboard.

I like that the coaches in each class spend the first few minutes explaining exactly what one needs to do before they start driving. From the height of the seat to the height of the sleeve, how a person’s knees should be placed, all discussed. This is very important as some may slide too high or the seat may be too high, which is not a good idea. Cultfit power is also seen in these sections. The fitness chain can obviously get a lot of coaches and this is reflected in the quality of the content.

Cultbike, Cultbike Review, Cultbike Price, Cultbike vs FlexNest, Cultbike Price in India Cultbike display where you can watch live episodes. (Image credit shruti Dhapola / Indian Express)

The classes themselves are highly energetic and inspire you. I was really able to reach number three on the leaderboard for one class. You can also rate and comment on each section once completed. Statistics from each section can be sent to your WhatsApp if you want to post to your Instagram account. You can also get your full fitness history from your bike / section on your account page. Detailed statistics on resistance, RPM, calories burned, etc. in the classroom.

Cultbike Review: The worst

But there has never been a smooth ride. For one, two days after the bicycle was ready, the seat was released. The technician had to come back to fix it. One of the fruits on the back of the display is out. I noticed this because my husband showed me the screen.

Cultbike, Cultbike Review, Cultbike Price, Cultbike vs FlexNest, Cultbike Price in India Cultbike live parts can be an incentive for those who want to start driving. (Image credit Cultbike)

Although the display rotates, it is not a very beautiful solution. I was never sure how to do this. It also takes a little effort considering the size of the display. The quality of the display is negligible on this full HD screen now that we all use sharp and better screens. Android 7 works with the Cult software above and not all are perfect. The display response, even the power buttons are sometimes a little slow.

You can also connect the bike to other audio devices via Bluetooth. Unless I went to the Bluetooth tab in Settings, the section only shows Mac addresses for most devices. Good luck trying to figure out your speaker or headset.

I found the starting line on the bike very difficult to withstand. I struggle with more than 50 levels of resistance on most rolling bikes. But with Cultbike, I could easily even pedal on one resistance 70. I only felt some push of 80 resistance. But yes, I struggled to get past 100 RPM, which is exactly what I did on other bikes.

Cultbike Review: Judgment

Cultbike India is an attempt to make Peleton. And there is definitely a market for this, given how home fitness is growing. It has some key positive aspects. It offers users a wide range of sports and is not limited to driving. The coaches are knowledgeable and provide a lot of guidance and motivation. In fact, if you want to get that heart rate pump, a smart bicycle is one of the best ways.

But I would say that this bike needs at least a little color on the front of the software and the display. In terms of cost, the quality of construction may be better in some areas. Finally, I urge you to think about how committed you are before investing Rs 50,000 on this. Otherwise, the bike will end up as an expensive and smart clothes hanger in your home.


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