CT scan helps digitally open Pharaoh Amanhotte I

Pharaoh Aminhotep 1 Mamie, who ruled Egypt in 1525 and 1504 BC, has now been digitally opened using CT scans.

The newspaper was published today Boundaries in medicine It shows the details of Pharaoh’s life and death. He was about 169 cm tall and was circumcised and died at the age of 35. The cause of death was not immediately clear.

The survey also helped to visualize his face. He had an oval face with a small, flat nose and a narrow chin and curly hair. According to the team, his upper teeth were slightly raised and there was a slight piercing in the lobe of his left ear. He also had full teeth, including the third jaw.

Thirty pieces of jewelry made of gold, quartz, and beads were found in the linen wrapper. According to the paper, Mother was covered in head-to-toe garlands and her head was covered with a wooden and cardboard mask. His face is bright yellow and his eye and eyebrows are marked in black.

“This First Anointed One has given us an unprecedented opportunity — not only to study how he was first murdered and buried, but also to learn how he was treated and buried hundreds of years after his death. The High Priest of Amun, Dr. Sahar Salem, Professor of Radiology at Cairo University Medical Faculty and Egyptian Mumi Project Radiologist, said in a statement.

After her death, Mother suffered a series of injuries that could have been caused by ancient tomb robbers. After the 21st century, the priests of Amenhotep were reformed by the priests of the 21st dynasty. “They repaired the damage with love.

The mother of Amenhotep 1 (‘Amun Satisfied’) was discovered in 1881 at the Der El Bahri Archaeological Site in southern Egypt.


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