Cruz claims to be in bed with Big Tech amid controversy over bidding vaccine

Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas said Sunday that the BD administration’s “I’m in bed with big tech” comments by White House press secretary Jane Pisaki said last week that it would strengthen former President Donald Trump’s case on Facebook. And censorship and Twitter.

In a press release on Fox News on Sunday morning, Cruz said, “I’m amazed that Jane Pisaki is on Donald Trump’s payroll and that the press conference has strengthened President Trump’s case against Big Tech.” Everything we think about the Bidin administration – their willingness to tread on free speech, their violation of the constitution, their use of state power to silence us, they are doing and worsening everything we fear they can do. I think President Trump’s case is very, very strong this week.

With cholera cases on the rise and the number of vaccines in the United States declining, the White House has issued a warning to U.S. surgeon General Vivek Murti to crack down on misinformation. Public Health.

The surgeon’s office has released a new report entitled “Healthcare in the Face of Misconceptions” and advises social media platforms to “provide clear consequences for accounts that repeatedly violate forum policies.”

Following the ‘murder’ comments of the business, the White House has been hit twice by Facebook criticism

On Friday, Pisaki doubled his relationship with the administration on Facebook, saying “social media platforms are making them aware of the latest narratives,” and even said that if a user was blocked from providing one false information, he “should be the user.” Blocked from all others.

“We are not downloading anything. We are not blocking anything. Facebook and any private company will decide what information should be on the platform,” Pisaki said this week. He is responsible for 65% of misinformation on social media platforms.

Speaking to host Maria Bartiromo, Cruz said what Bidine is now pushing to push Facebook if the White House instructs a private aid organization to confiscate American guns – then it will create a crisis. The group signed a law exempt from any civil liability for its actions.

Cruz said the first amendment would work against government censorship, but comments from the White House show how private companies are also promoting freedom of expression.

The Prime Minister has long acknowledged to the Supreme Court that the government is using private companies as a tool to enforce government policy – in which case the government openly censuses the following statement, which we clearly do not believe in: “That private company should be considered a government actor.” He can, ”Cruz said.

President Joe Biden has been quick to criticize Facebook for comments that “they are killing people” by allowing technology companies to remain on their platforms.

Facebook spokeswoman Dylan Beers told the BBC:

Cruz Democrat and Big Tech, who appeared on Fox News before launching their speech at the Turning Point USA student conference, accused them of “lying in bed” with the Communist Party of China.

“Big Tech is in bed with the Chinese Communists,” Cruz said. The largest donors from the Democratic Party are the large corporations. And many big corporations, Fortune 50 and Fortune 500, are in bed with Chinese communists.

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Examples include Biden’s speech at the China-sponsored Confucius Institute, but Banda has changed her policy of banning Taiwanese flags on US property to appease the Chinese government and Democrats, including her appointment as UN ambassador. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has rejected a new amendment to the Green Agreement banning the purchase of electric cars in China, where the UGs are in concentration camps.

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