Crawe’s technology and education experts recommend major marketing to support special education and mental health services for children in the United States.

Salt Lake City – (Business WireKrewe (, an independent investment banking, security, and integration and procurement company, announced today that it has been selected as a strategic consultant by Elelma ( and its most recent transaction. Leeds Equality Partners ( Crewe has successfully managed the marketing of Iluma and Leeds Equality Partnerships, enabling schools and districts around the United States to better address the needs of special education and mental health care using software solutions. .

Krewe is a technology company that specializes in capital and MA and A transactions to provide strategic and reliable consulting services to help them achieve their goals. Through this transaction, the Eluma is pleased to accelerate its goal of effectively and successfully addressing the needs of speech therapy, occupational therapy and mental health services in the use of the Iluma platform.

“We started with the goal of finding the right partner to help us achieve our goals by respecting our deep principles of serving students in the first place,” said Jeremy Glauser, CEO and founder of Iluma. Crewe was instrumental in achieving this goal by helping to manage our principles and facilitating partnerships with Leeds equity partners. The team in Kreve took time to learn about our business, to understand our values, and to find a suitable partner.

“Iluma provides an exciting opportunity to develop unique needs in emerging and emerging markets,” said Eric Gedada, Managing Director of Special Equity Partners. “The Iluma software platform allows districts and schools to better manage their special education care. Mental health problems are becoming more and more prevalent in schools. Good mental health is a prerequisite for successful schooling.

Eluma and Leeds Equity partners announced their successful partnership earlier this week. E-Luma is a two-tier marketplace to provide live, online special education and mental health services and software nationally for K-12 districts, schools and students. The company’s mission is motivated by a desire to help children and adolescents reach their full potential.

“The COVID-19 epidemic, as we know it from human behavior and the education system, has brought much attention and urgency to the need for more efficient, timely and effective delivery of advanced speech and mental health services to our school. Children, ”said Lance Lenhoff, senior vice president of Kreway. We are pleased to support Eluma’s efforts to make a difference in schools and districts with our knowledge and strategic advisor.

Krewe Iluma is proud to support the development of education technology and problem solving and to improve outcomes for the benefit of children and adolescents. For more information on Crawe, please visit

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