Correction and replacement of EVOLV technology is officially listed on the NASDAQ signal EVLV

Polar, Mass, and New York – (Business Wire) – July 19, 2021 –

Bill Gates should now read the two references to Cascade Property Management in the fourth subsection and in the third sentence of “Ivolv Technology.”

The updated release reads as follows

Ewolv’s public declaration of technology is listed on the label EVEL under the NASDAQ

Newwood Investment Corporation and Evolve Technology Complete Business Partnership

  • Evolv is a global leader in instrumental security, designed to make the world a safer place to work, learn, and play by saving innocent people from bullets and terrorist attacks. Evolv has screened more than 60 million people in the United States
  • The joint venture has an estimated $ 1.3 billion in total project value and a fair value of $ 1.7 billion.
  • The merged company received an estimated $ 385 million in gross, net redemption payments
  • All of Evolv’s current shareholders, including Bill Gates, DCV, Fin back Investment Partners, General Catalyst, Lux Capital, Motorola Solutions, Sinweve Ventures and Stanley Venture, have closed their equity holdings.
  • Revenues support rapid growth financially, expand global markets and accelerate neighbors through partnership and acquisition
  • Evolv is the first company in the industry to introduce subscription security as a SAAS model with its customers Uber, Lincoln Center, LL Bean and Six Flags.

Newhold Investment Corporation (NASDAQ: NHIC, NewHold), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, and Ivolv Technologies, Inc. (“Evolv Technology” or “Evolv”) announced today that they have completed their merger with the global leader in instrumental security testing. The transaction was approved jointly by the board of directors of Newwood and approved at a special meeting of Newwood shareholders on July 15, 2021. The joint stock will be traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the “AVV” symbol. The warranties will be traded under EVLVW, and the units will be traded under EVLVU starting July 19, 2021. Peter George, who has been the company’s CEO since January 2020, will continue to run the business.

Evolve Technology – a leader in unparalleled technology and market availability

For the first time in the market, Evolv is transforming the physical safety industry into a weapon detection security system, providing ongoing screening improvements and unquestionably visitor experience. The Volvo Express system offers up to 70% of the cost, which is ten times faster than traditional metal detectors, with an unparalleled test for up to 3,600 people per system. The system allows gob visitors to pass without filtering and speeding up life, thus improving security at the speed and quantity required in this fast-paced and growing world. Built on its Evolve Cortex AI The software platform, Evolv, is constantly improving the security situation for its customers with continuous machine learning and on-demand analytics.

The Lincoln Performance Arts Center, LL Bean, Six Flags, and more, rely on Evolve to be one of the most impressive places and companies in the world to protect its staff and visitors. Evolv has also signed a significant technology and marketing partnership with Motorola Solutions, a leading provider of ground-based radio mission-critical communications, video security and analytics, and command center software for enterprise and public safety clients. Evolv expects this partnership to accelerate growth and market availability in the future.

“Evolv’s new capital supports our rapid growth to change security. The world is opening up, Gob visitors need better experience and peace of mind to gather safely. ”Said Peter George, CEO. We are encouraged by our opportunities and are motivated to carry out our mission to be safe everywhere. We also thank all the customers, staff, investors and partners who have helped us build a high level of physical safety.

“Evolv is a division company that is constantly changing the market for physical safety in its diagnostic systems. Kevin Charton, CEO of NewHold Investment Corporation, said Newwood is proud to have completed its partnership with Evolv to accelerate the company’s growth and make more people safer. With companies in mind, they expect Evolv technology to generate value for shareholders in the coming years.

In addition to CEO Peter George, Evev will be led by Mike Elenbogen (Chief Innovator) and Anil Chitkara (Head of Corporate Development), Chief Financial Officer Peter Fabert, and General Counsel, Eric Pionson. , Chief Scientist Alec Rose, Chief Marketing Officer Dana Loff, Revenue Officer Aje Derosa and Head of People Lisa Kanap.

Peter George will serve as the board of directors of Evolv, co-founder Mike Elenbogen. Alan Cohen, former chairman of the Ivolv Board of Directors, will continue to chair the Board of Directors of DCV. Newwood representatives, Kevin Charlton, CEO and Neil Glatt, board member of Newwood, will be joined by General Catalyst David Orfao, Lux Capital Bilal Zuberi, Morola Solutions Mahes Sapartishi, Merline Santlet, and Mark Sullivan. And Kimberly.

In addition to a strong management team and board, Evolv is a former DHAS Assistant Secretary, Dan Cot, a former U.S. National Intelligence Director, John Pistol, a former FBI agent. Deputy Director and T.S. He is a partner with a team of experienced industry consultants, including General Kayim. Tony Thomas, former USSOM commander David Cohen, former NPD deputy commissioner, and Jean Kim, a former FBI shooter.

In addition to offices in Singapore and London, with more than 100 employees worldwide, Evolv Technology maintains its headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Transaction overview

When the transaction closes, the name of NewHild Investment Corporation will be transferred to Ivolv Technologies Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: EVLV) has changed.

The merger is estimated at $ 1.3 billion. The $ 300 million pipeline, which was closed at the same time as the low-volume shutdown, was overshadowed by investors such as Motorola Solutions, Inc., Magnett Capital, Eldridge, Senator Investment Group and UBS O’Connor, as well as astronomers and investors. . Existing shareholders of Evolv own approximately 75% of the total share of the joint venture immediately after the merger.

The joint venture earned a total of $ 385 million from Newwood’s net shareholder net worth of trust and PIP investors.

A more detailed description of the terms of the transaction is included in the current report on Volvo 8-K at by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Covene served as EVOLV’s sole financial and capital markets consultant for $ 300 million in PIP and New Zealand’s sole placement agent. Estil served as Newwood’s sole financial and capital markets consultant. Lateham and Watkins LL served as Evolv’s legal counsel and Lob and Lob became LL’s legal counsel for New Zealand. Tarplin Consulting has served as an investment consultant and partner for Newwood.

About Evolv Technology

EVOLV technology is the world’s leading weapon search security system that enhances safety without compromising the experience of students, staff and staff. Built above the Evolv Cortex I™ software platform, the company offers a wide range of AI touch screening technologies for weapon detection, identity verification and health-related threats. Led by a team of security industry leaders with a record-breaking first-of-its-place security industry leaders, Bill Gates, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Company, Fin Back Investment Partners, DCCV, General Catalyst Partners, Lux Capital, Senior Venture Venture, Motorola Solutions and STROLL solutions They include Motorola Solutions, Estanian Safety and Johnson Controls. Evolve Express® has received accolades such as the 2020 Edison Awards Camp, two Campus Safety 2020 BEST Awards, the Campus Safety and Life Safety Magazine Security 2020 Awards, and industry magazines such as Build Magazine and Boston.

Evolve Technology, Evolve Express®, Evolve Insights ™ and Evolve Cortex I In the United States and other states, Ivolv Technologies, Inc. They are registered trademarks or trademarks.

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About Newwood Investment Corporation

Newhold Investment Corporation is a blank check company established in 2020 with the aim of merging, exchanging capital, acquiring assets, purchasing shares, reorganizing or doing business with one or more businesses. While the company can target business partnerships in any business or industry, it focuses on identifying businesses in the industrial technology sector. Newwood Investment Corporation is led by Kevin Charlton CEO, Charlie Beans-Ridde, as well as an experienced management team with CFOs and Adam Deutsch, alongside the current board of directors. Visit for more information.

Important legal information

Future Statements

This document contains some forward-looking statements in the translation of the Federal Securities Act, including statements on the benefits of EVOLV transaction and the adoption of EVOVV technology and products. These forward-looking statements generally include “faith,” “project,” “hope,” “guess,” “guess,” “plan,” “strategy,” “future,” “opportunity,” “plan,” “prospect,” “ To be, ”“ may be, ”“ may be, ”“ may be, ”“ may continue, ”“ may not be the result, ”and similar expressions. Future statements are based on current assumptions and assumptions, and are predictions, predictions, and other predictions of future events that will result in accidents and uncertainties. Evolve’s ability to implement business plans after the transaction and in a number of factors in competitive security screening, changes and developments, weapons testing, and related industries may be materially different from future statements in this document. The list above is not exhaustive. You should carefully review the above-mentioned causes and other risks and uncertainty in the “Risk Factors” section of the New Zealand Accreditation section and other occasional submissions to the Company. The SEC. These records identify other important risks and insecurities that may separate real events and outcomes from future statements. Future statements only speak from the date of issue. Readers warn against over-reliance on future statements, and the company has no obligation to update or improve these future statements with new information, upcoming events, or any other reason. There is no guarantee that the company will meet its expectations.

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