Control technologies expand the global footprint of biocides

Adds customers in Australia, France, Belgium, Turkey, And Germany.

Produces software updates.

Toronto, September 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Control Technologies Corporation (NEO: KNR) (OTCQB: KNRLF) (FSE: 1K8) (“Control“Or”Company“), A leader in state-of-the-art construction technology, is expanding its biodiesel technology to new customers Australia, France, Belgium, Turkey And Germany.

The need for real-time air quality control and the creation of safe havens has never been more important in the global economy. ” Paul Gizzi, CEO of Control. “Innovation is at the heart of our business, and we are excited to expand our use of our unique air quality technology into new markets with new customers. We will continue to update Biocdan for further software updates and expanded applications. We are pleased to announce the launch of our state-of-the-art independent laboratory experiment and the expansion of our patent portfolio. Create long-term value for our stakeholders.»

Software update

Kontrol BioCloud has released a new software update focused on improved graphical user interface, data logging improvements, data export and more. Software releases are planned for up to three times a year with new features based on continuous updates and customer feedback.

Independent laboratory test

As mentioned earlier, Control is updating its independent laboratory tests and performance results, of which the company is pleased. A full copy is available at The full report will be provided to various government bodies and potential customers under an unofficial agreement.

Technology extension

The company has applied for government funding for research and development in the areas of real-time sampling and pre-critical water infrastructure extension of bio-cloud technology. The company has launched a prototype application based on existing Kontrol BioCloud technology architecture.

»There are many applications for biotech technology that we see as part of ongoing research and development, including water infrastructure and agriculture. Gary Saunders, President of Kontrol BioCloud. We will review each of them carefully and seek government funding as it is available to support relevant research and development.

About Kontrol BioCloudTM

Kontrol BioCloud is a subsidiary of the Canadian public company Kontrol Technologies. BioCloud Technology is a real-time analyzer designed to detect airborne viruses and pathogens. BioCloud is an air quality technology, not a medical device. Bioclades is designed to be used as a safe space technology by continuously monitoring air quality. In the proprietary notification unit, viruses are detected, and a silent notification system is created as needed. Biokdan can be applied to any place where individuals gather, including classrooms, offices, retirement homes, hospitals, mass transit, and more. More information about Kontrol BioCloud is available on the website

Control Technologies Corporation

Controller Technologies Corporation, a Canadian public company, is a leader in modern buildings and cities through IoT, Cloud and SaaS technology. Control provides a combination of software, hardware, and service solutions for customers to improve power management, air quality, and continuous emission control.

About Kontrol Technologies Corp. More information is available at and by reviewing the profile on SEDAR at

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