Community Bank includes excellent technology

Contributing changes planned – Interactive switching machines will soon be added by Community Bank, officials said.

WASHINGTON, PA – Community Bank and QDS, head of financial technology company Charlotte, NC, have announced plans to enhance customer banking customer experience by installing state-of-the-art interactive charging machines and Taylor Money Recycling machines in the bank’s footprint.

“With QDS, we plan to extend our banking hours by enhancing our customer experience and creating efficiency in our operations.” John Montgomery, President and CEO of Community Bank, said. “This initiative is an example of our commitment to provide the technology our customers need and to invest in our markets as an independent community bank in the future.”

Community Bank is upgrading all ATM ships to ITM technology, including three branches that were closed on June 30. ITMs offer more than standard ATMs, which do not have hours or branches, including video streaming, to allow customers to connect with Taylor.

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Community Bank. John and the team at Community Bank have an amazing vision to extend their hours of customer experience and deliver improved transactions on their channels.” QDS CEO Sean Farrell said.

QDS Community Bank offers other branch-based customer service solutions to improve the operation, efficiency and accessibility of key services. The technology allows existing employees to focus on customer relationships and meet their needs.

“We are very focused on achieving the goals that our customers at QDS are aiming for. Based on the vision of where the bank is headed, it is already clear that our knowledge has been instrumental in helping Community Bank achieve its goals. We want to deliver and, most importantly, to make their customers incredibly successful. Farrell added.

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