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In addition to the company’s recent efforts to protect children and reduce child sexual abuse, CSAM’s Apple method involves tracking users’ personal devices rather than information in the cloud. An emergency from a company that stopped a representative while protecting consumer privacy.

In a recent article in the Washington Post, two prominent computer scientists expressed concern about the abuse of government.

A foreign government, for example, may be forced to provide services to people who share unpopular political discourse. That’s not hypothesized – WeChat, a popular Chinese messaging app, already uses content matching to identify potential targets. India passed laws this year that require pre-trial content critical of government policy. Russia recently punished Google, Facebook and Twitter for failing to remove pro-democracy protests.

On this and related issues, I posted a “Sweep” podcast last week with Thorn co-founder Ashton Kucher and CEO Julie Corduwa. A nonprofit organization uses technology to eliminate child sexual abuse.

As we mentioned at the opening of the session, Apple’s software will only reduce the number of images to a digital fingerprint, called hash, and only indicate what to review if there are many viewers. However, Apple’s move has sparked a debate between stopping child exploitation, which I think we should all agree on, and protecting the privacy of the transaction here.

Kutcher and Cordua have defended Apple’s plans to stem the tide of illegal and toxic content. “Is this a gold standard?” There is a cook. “do not know. I have never been involved with a technology company, as I know that the first product is the last product. ”

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Not surprisingly, the company delayed the release until later this year. “Based on customer, advocacy groups, researchers and other feedback, we have decided to gather more resources and make improvements in the coming months before releasing these critical child safety traits,” the company said in a statement.

Breathing here is the right thing to do, but it is also a mistake that you do not always have to deal with.

And not only that. Tensions between the United States and China are likely to worsen, and Apple will be affected by its vulnerability. And oh, yes, Apple’s long-running staff turmoil. Blobi’s employees are not new to technology, but they are smart Apple one? New twist, for sure.

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