Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) Signs of International Sports Star Casilas Fernandez, Enhancing Color Star Meters.

Casillas, one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of Real Madrid and one of the best goalkeepers in the world, began his career in 1990 by joining Real Madrid’s youth academy and has played for Real Madrid for a total of 25 seasons. He helped the team win 3 UEFA Champions League, 5 LaLiga, 2 Copa Del Rey, 4 Spanish Super Cups and 1 FIFA Club World Cup. He has played 725 games in 16 seasons and won 19 trophies. Fans view him as the gatekeeper of Barnabas. After Casilas officially retired from Real Madrid in 2015, the club not only hosted a memorable farewell party for him, but also commented: “Cassillas will always have Real Madrid in his heart.” These are enough to show his contribution to the world of football. Today, he remains active on his favorite football field; He returned to Real Madrid, where he spent his youth and golden years, and became the Vice President of the Real Madrid Foundation.

The collaboration between Color Star and Casillas is helping to create a powerful platform for Casillas, football fans and those who aspire to be the next football legend. Casilas, a resident of the Color Star Forum, can teach the art he learned in the world of football online and share his amazing football skills. In the future, in the Color Star metaverse, Casillas will be given a unique fantasy character that will allow for more interaction. Every registered user on the Color Star app can connect with Casillas in Metavers and even play virtual football.

My lord Lucas CaptainColor Star CEO commented: “CasillasCollaborating with Color Star will undoubtedly provide strong support for online celebrities interaction and offline related business. The presence of celebrities is increasing, and we continue to attract the best artists and celebrities around the world. They provide uninterrupted resources for the development of technologies such as metavers and NFT products and various cultural activities, all of which together contribute to the company’s future vision and overseas market value.

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