CNCF publishes the latest technology radar focused on multi-technology management

CNCF launches fifth major user technology radar At that time, the theme was cluster deployment between cluster deployment and core services and add-ons for equipment and day-to-day operations. The technology radar team reported five themes from this survey: lack of complete solutions, demand for custom equipment, most common equipment, operator popularity and cluster API readiness.

Courtesy of Cloud Native Computer Foundation

The first is that there is no silver bullet for many duplicate administrations. While there are many tools, few, if any, stand as complete solutions.

According to the radar team’s findings, hashicrop teraform and custom equipment were among the most popular options for deployment. The team also saw the transition to a managed Kubernetes as the number of clusters increased and a certain threshold passed. This includes private and public clouds.

Federico Hernandez, One of the companies involved in the study, Melteter, chief engineer, emphasized the current state of cluster management.

It all starts with a cube cluster and expands and grows in the area, but there is currently no clear path for organizations to embark on this journey.

The second theme – no matter what is used to deploy and manage clusters, custom tools are often necessary. Because of the network, storage, flexibility, and complexity of platform companies, platform engineers build in-house solutions to configure and host those layers. This ensures that the company’s policies are implemented and that they are able to secure the platform.

Courtesy of Cloud Native Computer Foundation

Courtesy of Cloud Native Computer Foundation

The third topic is about tools to manage major services such as DNS, Namespace, RBAC, etc. Cubnetnet operators, Hell, custom home appliances, Kostomeze and Gitps have been widely used. The radar team noted that Hell often receives Argo and Flux equipment, including Gitps.

The fourth theme is about Cubnet Networks, a Cubnetnet software extension that uses custom resources to manage applications. There were 24 votes in the main services category.

The key benefits of a radar team of operators include the ability to replace custom equipment to solve a problem, make it easier to extend coefficients together, and often automate tasks often performed by app owners or service providers.

The fifth and final theme is the cluster API, which provides a number of clusters, configurations, improvements, and simplification Proclamation APIs and tools.

Although accepted by some participating companies, he felt that more research was needed before the radar team matured and was ready for production. The team also emphasized the complexity of success stories being spread on social media in the cluster API and alleviated the pain associated with making multiple clusters.

More than 24 companies participated in this survey and provided 210 data points. The team selects the topic based on suggestions from the community. Later, 140 members of the CNCF end-user community were sent to their companies to list their recommendations for a variety of solutions and to be placed in one of three categories: Adapt, Test or Review.

According to this issue of Webinar, the June 2021 survey is limited to 140 end-users, including Matters, MeterWater, Loyalty Investments, Workday and Spotify.

Users from the community can recommend or vote for future radar topics. Feedback can also be sent to


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