Clinics share the versatility of technology on heat combustion

Many new technologies are key to making suppliers in the field of clinical burns more likely to fall in love with healthcare.

Advances such as electronic health records and telecoms are designed to lift some burdens on the backs of health care workers, but now some fear that these and other devices are doing the opposite.

At the HIMSS21 International Conference Digital Conference, which will be released on Wednesday, August 11, Christine Vanzanburg, MNH, MS, PN, will join a team of medical professionals to discuss how digital transformation can change. Contribute to and alleviate burns.

Dr. Jennifer Lamtel, Vice-Chair of the Department of Pediatrics and one of the participants at the UM Memorial Memorial Center, calls our dependence on technology a blessing and a curse because it eases some workloads and still puts pressure on doctors. Available about an hour.

Another presenter, Dr. Emily Oak, a professor at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Population, added that identifying health care workers and transferring responsibilities in technology will increase their sensitivity. Front line.

The session will discuss how to deal with some of the symptoms of burnout and their personal lives, medical errors, poor relationships with their patients, and how they can completely abandon clinical practice.

Participants will also share ways in which their organizations can minimize the responsibilities of suppliers and offer suggestions on what they can do to help others. For example, ISArik M.S., director of Stanford Child Health Ambulance Services. The institution will tell you how to take a holistic approach to support your provider.

This panel discussion is part of the HIMSS21 digital session, “Burning: Could be the Cause and Cure of Digital Change?” Wednesday, August 11 8-8 to 8:58 am PST Scheduled for Wednesday, August 11 Read more about HIMSS21 digital program over here.

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