Clearing space for new technological gifts? Here’s how to get rid of old electronics safely in NYC.

STATE ISLAND, New York – Residents of Staten Island will no doubt want to clean up some space by picking up their old models as they begin to build their new electronics this holiday season.

From TVs to sound bars, computers, tablets, video game consoles, smart watches, headphones, and more, there will be no shortage of old electronics going to the trash in the coming weeks.

However, you can not just throw away your electronics in New York City without a $ 100 fine.

Interestingly, the residents of Staten Island were first introduced to the city’s e-waste disposal program by former councilor Stephen Mathieu (R-Mid-Island), which allows residents to schedule a convenient and convenient home-to-home program for aging electronics.

Last year, the city’s e-garbage collection program was temporarily suspended due to the ongoing cholera epidemic (CV-19), making it difficult for residents to discard old electronics.

Fortunately, this year, Staten Island residents are once again using the city’s e-garbage collection point for a variety of electronics, televisions, computers, laptops, keyboards, printers, video game consoles and more.

Simply leave the online inquiry form, including your address, appointment date and contact information, and leave your e-junk on the day before your appointment at 4 ፡ 00:00.

Places are open Monday through Friday, excluding city holidays, and may be booked two weeks in advance.

Residents of the New York City Department of Sanitation are advised to delete all computer hard drives and discard any personal information before removing electronic devices.

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