Class Message – ‘Technology Should Not Be Disappointed’

Tucson, Ariz: Did you know your parents or grandparents would call you for technology questions? Well, a new class is being offered to older adults to teach all the basics of technology in Texas.

“Tech was the basics of different cell phones. So we really started by saving contacts, general messages, photos, videos from the top, ”said the volunteer distribution coordinator at the Austm Tucson Community Center.

On Friday, Castro taught the class about online marketing. Participant Karen Hammond says she started attending classes after upgrading to iPhone 12.

“I like it. I like the way he learns and there is a lot of individual attention and the lessons are small. He feels very close. ”

“It’s a very popular room. With a few people on the waiting list, we get a total of 15 people every week, ”said Castro.

“Technology should not be discouraged,” says Hammond, who says she feels she has a better understanding of how technology works today.

“I feel like I’m with him,” says Hammond.

But Optum’s new unit is trying to solve another problem – social exclusion among adults age 65 and older. Castro says “social bonds” are one of the main pillars of health in the community.

“Because of the epidemic, many people find themselves in situations where they do not want to leave. Here at the Optim Community Center, members are coming and socializing, learning, staying active, and technology is definitely one of the best examples of that, ”said Castro.

The technology section is free for 55 and older.

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