Chromebooks outperform other PC market segments, showing Canalys latest report

The Chromebook market posted a 75 percent annual growth rate in the second quarter of 2021 (Q2 2021), according to the latest Canalis Global Market Report. HP is said to be at the top of the charts, but Chromebooks are doing more than the PC market. This is despite the slowdown in shipping.

As Chromebook shipments grow year by year, it should be noted that they declined sequentially in the second quarter of 2021. The growth of the Chromebook installation is due to the fact that it was taken over by a Canali research analyst like Brian Lynch. This is due to the reopening of schools in key markets such as North America and Western Europe.

“With ChromeWith a relatively safe learning environment, Google is set to make a big bet on its business this year. We look forward to seeing you focus on attracting existing businesses with modern services, such as the “new” individual subscription status for Google workplaces and promotions on CloudReady licenses. Chromebook Ships. However, with Apple looking to expand its M1 success into Microsoft and Windows 11 by the end of this year, PC OS competition has long been a hot topic, ”Lynch said.

HP led the overall PC market with a market share of 36.4 percent (4.3 million units), up 115.7 percent. Lenovo came in second with 21 percent market share (2.6 million units). Asher finished third with 15.7 percent (1.8 million units) by the end of June. Dell and Samsung are fourth and fifth, respectively, with the latter growing at 324.4 percent annually.

Tablet – Shipping in Q2 2021

During the quarter, there was a 4.3 percent increase in tablet shipments each year. Apple’s annual growth rate is said to be 0.5 percent, but it remains the largest seller with 36.3 percent (14.2 million units). Samsung came in second with 20.5 percent (8 million units) and Lennovo came in third with 12 percent. Amazon and Huawei complete the top five.


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