Christmas tree shops build and integrate new technology infrastructure

Christmas tree shops In less than a year, CTS touched technology to complete the separation from its former corporate parent.

CTS is a specialized retailer of furniture, home decor and bedding, kitchen utensils and holiday decorations. The purpose of CTS is to help consumers express themselves and respect each season’s unique choices and values. The company After being sold in 2020, he began to separate from his former corporate parent Bed Bath and Beyond, which meant he had to separate himself from the practical technologies and platforms he had been working on for 20 years. The team needs less than a year to complete its work, as it needs a technology-free bulletproof vest before the busy 2021 holiday season begins.

With SnapLogic‘S Intelligence Integration Forum CTS Hybrid: Cloud technology has become technologically independent by improving and integrating its operations, all before the big holiday season begins. CTS completed more than 250 integrations using the SnapLogic platform last year, improving and accelerating the flow of practical and analytical information within the enterprise.

“At the time, we had heritage, off-the-shelf, and self-developed systems – some systems met our needs, others less. Upgrading and integrating all those systems was costly when we created the partition,” said Chris Corbyn VP of Christmas Tree Stores. We see this as a great opportunity to update the technology that drives them by improving existing systems and bringing new and better cloud technologies that allow us to explore new opportunities at the same time. “

CTS does not want to lose existing data and data stored in its corporate parent system, but it must move quickly. To streamline and streamline business processes in HR, finance, sales, operations and more, the company has shifted to SnapLogic to integrate older systems with new, cloud-based technologies. For example, SnapLogic CTS helped connect the clock and availability solution used in its 80-plus stores to the recently implemented working day application, enabling all employees to be paid for work faster, without interruption.

In addition to improving their clock and presence functionality in stores, SnapLogic has helped CTS make instant sales during the busy holiday shopping season.

“Under our former parent company, the information process was a struggle for the board, and our management had no control over the day-to-day operations of the store. This capability has allowed CTS management to access the information it has received until the next day, thus providing an opportunity to tailor strategies to better meet business needs.

Corbin added: “At this juncture, as we modernize our technology infrastructure, it is important that the business does not affect the forefront – the sale of goods and the continuation of compensation and compensation for our employees. “SnapLogic’s easy-to-use and fast-paced value allows us to complete these integrations and get ready for the holiday season as sales volume and number of employees increase.”

“Ease of use, combined with enterprise power, has always been an integral part of our platform,” said Craw Stuart, chief data officer at SnapLogic. “We have made sure that all users of the skill level in the business can quickly become productive while ensuring that the platform meets the most complex enterprise integration requirements. Many organizations are in a situation similar to CTS – mergers must occur quickly to speed up business processes and speed up data flow within the organization, all with zero delays or disruption of business. We are thrilled to have helped CTS build the infrastructure during this important transition and look forward to our continued partnership.

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