Chinese Science, Technology News Summary – September 8

Beijing, September 8 (Xinhua) – The following is a summary of China’s published science and technology news.

Sustainable Development Satellite

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a satellite to monitor sustainable development.

The satellite SDSGS It is expected to provide advanced, open and shared information resources to monitor and evaluate the Sustainable Development Index, which represents the interaction between humans and nature.

Kovid-19 vaccines

All Chinese COVID-19 vaccines, including those currently in use and awaiting approval, have now begun clinical trials, a Chinese health official said in a press release on Tuesday.

Chinese vaccines fall into five technical categories: inactivated vaccines, adenovirus-based vaccines, reactive protein vaccines, direct weakened influenza vaccines, and nuclear acid-based vaccines.

Of these, three inactive vaccines have been approved by the Chinese Medical Products Administration and two have been approved for emergency services, said Zheng Chongway, an official with the National Health Commission and head of the regional immunization development team. The Council’s joint defense and control mechanism to protect CV-19.

Cyberspace Regulation

More than 400,000 obscene online posts have been removed in China, including 822 administrative and criminal cases.

Since June, the campaign has shut down more than 4,800 informal websites and controlled more than 20 million pornographic posts and more than 8 million online accounts by the end of August.


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