Chinese Science, Technology News Summary – August 18

BEIJING, August 18 (Xinhua) – The following is a summary of published science and technology news.

Mars Rover

China’s National Space Administration (CIA) announced on Tuesday that China’s rover Hu Huong has carried out reconnaissance and reconnaissance missions as planned.

As of August 15, 2021, Jurong had been working on Mars for 90 days or 92 days on Earth, and all scientific payloads had begun to be identified, the administration said.

The robot continues on its way to the southern sea and the ancient land in the southern part of Utopia Plitia. Performs tasks.


The Chinese space agency (CSA) announced on Tuesday that the astronauts will now conduct additional operations (EVA) for the second time in the next few days at the China Space Space Station Module Tianhe.

The three Chinese astronauts have been orbiting for two months. They boarded a helicopter-12 space shuttle and landed in Tianhe on June 17.

The astronauts are in good condition and the combination of the main module, the spacecraft and the Tianzu-2 cargo industry is working smoothly, CMS said.

Location tracking device

The Chinese naval ship Yuanwang-6 set sail from the port of Jiangsu Province in eastern China on Tuesday to launch new reconnaissance missions in the Indian Ocean.

Yuanwang-6 operates at sea for 76 days during this voyage, covering more than 16,000 miles.

Prior to departure, the crew completed inspection and maintenance of the Yuanwang-6, ensuring that all systems and facilities were in good condition.


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