“China’s New Financial History (II)” delivers into the latest innovative financial technologies

Shanghai- (Business Wire) – “China’s New Financial History (II)” is a video series on YouTube that describes the latest innovations and financial institutions in China. A series of financial technologies (called Fintech), including a series of artificial intelligence (II), cloud computing, blockchain, robotics, big data and satellite remote navigation.

“China’s New Financial History” was created to share information on China’s financial system reform with government leaders, organizations, institutions and the public. These videos also serve as a tool for economies around the world that need money.

These videos explain how innovative Fintech-related transactions, including AI, cloud computing, blockchain and big data, have accelerated the implementation of financial services across China, allowing more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to provide financial services and more.

Each video in the series has a unique theme

Video 1 Artificial intelligence promotes new financial technology

Chinese financial institutions are realizing that AI can provide personal services as well as – or better – people. The first video includes FinTech and how to launch China in the future.

Video 2 – SME loans use technology to create financial services

WeBank is the first online-only bank in China. WeBank SME loans combine ABCD’s financial technology (artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and big data) to serve small and medium enterprises.

Video 3 – Appearance of non-contact loans

With WeBank and innovation FinTech, China can now offer non-performing loans – loans that can be applied and received online. Enterprises operating in unconfirmed environments or damaged by COVID-19 have found this device valuable.

Video 4 – Hescheng Bank Blockchain implements innovative financial services

Zhenging Bank uses blockchain technology and IoT to protect financial and personal information shared between platforms.

Video 5 – Small and medium-sized enterprises in China’s Jiang Ying Province have no financial problems.

Heiang Province Financial Services Forum has improved the quality, accessibility and efficiency of financial services for small and medium enterprises.

To see the second chapter of “New Financial History in China”, please visit YouTube.

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