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BEIJING, July 17 (Xinhua) – The following is a summary of a science and technology news release from China.

Ballet Carrier

A reusable plastic plane landed at the Alzheimer’s League airport in northern Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China during a flight and verification project on Friday.

It started early Friday at the Kyusen Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert in northwestern China. The first flight was a complete success.

Reusable plastic carrier developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation can be used in space transport systems.

Climate change

The research team left Gangsu Province in northwestern China on Thursday to begin a science tour on the Kinghai-Tibetan plateau.

The one-month study is part of a second comprehensive scientific tour of China, focusing on “Earth-Atmospheric Interactions and Climate Impacts.” Talk about a number of activities related to regional climate change, such as land-based interaction, geographic databases, and 3D models.

More than 100 researchers from 18 research institutes, universities and universities have covered 6,600 km in northwest Gansu, Kinggai and southwest Tibet. They travel about.

A drone

The Hunan International Aviation Industry Expo was held in Hunan Province, central China on Friday, focusing on promoting the growing aviation industry.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has accelerated the growth of aircraft since 2018, said China Shiju, chief engineer of China’s Civil Aviation Administration.

According to Ain, over the past three years, the total number of drones in China has exceeded 4 million hours, an average of 40% per year.

China Science and Technology News Summary: July 17

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