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During the outbreak, many of us started new jobs. However, in an industry under intense regulatory pressure, anyone who finds a company when it is locked weeks after it announces strategic improvement and product change. There were few.

When Jette Nygaard-Andersen was appointed CEO of EntainA London’s Gambling Group, she faced further temptation to take over from Sei Segev, the company’s successor. Shaisgev played that role for only seven months.

Still, 52-year-old Dane does not seem to be tired of what others see as hopeless confusion.

“Of course, I did not expect tea to be released.[but]When you call from your chair, you will definitely say “yes”. Let’s sit down and talk. ”

Nigard-Anderson has been a member of the Entain Board for over a year. According to people close to the company, Segef’s resignation comes at the high-paying sports streaming platform DAZN. The “call” was in the middle of Christmas, before the US casino team announced a ቢሊዮን 8 billion offer for MMA, but it was rejected by the company’s board.

When Nigard-Anderson takes over in January, MGI, which works with the Internet in the United States, will cut off its supply. Nigard-Anderson has decided to expand Mete’s traditional sports betting business to new markets. It was a sense of security that I was able to focus on. Different types of virtual entertainment.

Many speculate that MGM will return to another acquisition by the end of this year.

Following a friendly presentation, Nigard-Anderson joined Ladbrokes and Coral and Entain, the owners of online gambling brand Bwin, as executive director in December. Change company strategy and product change from GVC to Entain. This is an effort to rejuvenate the group. Kenny Alexander, an old-school horse-riding gambling executive He resigned in 2020.

The company identified the “four pillars” of its growth. Such as major sports betting and gambling businesses, the newly controlled US market, the countries that are going to legalize betting and new digital products that are being exported.

Nigard-Anderson Segev continued to be discontinued, but did not have the luxury of finding colleagues in each of the company’s 27 regions.

“I had to use what I had, my platform, the same platform I was talking about, so I had to think differently. She speaks in a video call from her home in Copenhagen. She decided that the most important thing was good communication and choice of goals. “If you only have a virtual platform, you have to be very careful. I chose two things – one for clients and one for interactive entertainment.

Historically, gambling companies have not been known for their customer service. Gambling law is being reviewed in the UK following a campaign to track addictive customers and hold businesses accountable for profits. She hopes that the industry will change the way things are done, to show regulators that the industry can come up with a single solution for gaming addiction.

“If you really start to think: ‘Using technology to enable personal protection for each player is ahead of many other industries,” she says.

Entain has developed a program called “Priority Responsibility and Care”. He uses artificial intelligence to point out problematic gambling behavior and send a request to stop the gambler when he reaches a certain threshold. The company has invested ሚሊዮን 20 million in responsible gambling, which was reported last year for ሪፖርት 843 million. Explains that they are few.

Engard-Anderson says the investment will be even greater, including the time he has spent on improving the investment platform. She says she learned the hard way to put customers first. A.D. In 2012, while working for Swedish media company MTG, she launched a streaming platform called Viapp. Then came Netflix. Viaplay had a “huge collection” of content and great technology, but American companies did not have a “deep understanding of the consumer experience.”

Nigard-Anderson says after 22 consecutive quarters of double-digit online growth, Enten could be ranked alongside Netflix, Pelotons and Facebook in the world, but she says the technology must stay ahead of the changes. And its impact on consumer behavior.

Anten’s boss uses it as a stream to push gambling companies to other entertainment venues. She noted that telephone game shows have been moving rapidly since the late 1990s, when they were part of a participatory TV region. I have to think about how it will be useful in 5 years and how it will last in 10 years. “

Three questions for Jet Nigor Anderson

Leading hero Malala Youssef

Who is your leadership hero?

She will be Malala [Yousafzai]… Everyone has a good education.

What if you are not the CEO of Entain?

Maybe I do the same thing in another industry. I am growing up where I am now. There are opportunities in the industry to grow, innovate, expand the platform and truly grow as a business.

What is your most important leadership lesson?

I think the first is to hear and open your heart. That is very difficult, but there is a reason why it has two ears and one mouth. When the epidemic broke out, I often thought I wanted to be guided by context, not control. That is, it sets the context in which you want to go and gives your team all the information they need to make the right decision. This was important during the plague.

Entain has hired 2,000 people in its technology team over the past 14 months, tripled its size, and by the end of this year it has been running a virtual reality “sports club” on Verson Media. The company is working to integrate the statistics and analysis of sports competitions directly into video streaming, and Nigard-Anderson wants to enter the fast-growing sports sector since 2015.

This week, Enten hosts Capital Markets Day, allowing the CEO to set his plans. One of the two women, one of the leaders of a major sports betting group, says he wants another Dennis Coat, Bet365 founder-Nigar-Anderson. To push the gambling industry to an unknown location – recruiting and educating more women.

30% of Antennese’s workforce is about twice the average, with $ 250,000. Girl Code, a non-profit organization that supports women in the high technology industry. In February, the company launched a training program at the University of Nevada to encourage more women to work in the area.

Of course, there is a need for self-interest. Negard-Anderson said, “I am convinced that I am the best in the industry and that we will achieve the goals of good talent and longevity.”

And it is not the Danish executives who have given up playing the best video games counter Strike She was not fast enough, so she took it lightly. “I want to win,” she says. I love winning.

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