CES 2022 Liveblog ፡ የቅርብ የቅርብ የቅርብ የቅርብ የቅርብ የቅርብ የቅርብ ከ ከ ከ ከ ከ ከ b ከ

At the end of last year, Til CEO CJ Prob was accused of running away from Apple Air Tags, which was a “monopoly” after Apple released Apple. This year, rival company Chipolo announced the search for a wallet Only In Apple’s Find My app. The thin, dark card spot is designed to slide into your wallet relative to your bank cards. In addition to the off mode, iOS 15 has a new “Notify you later” feature.

Seder is not lying about this news. This year, the 2020 announcement announces that HP will be launching new PC devices, along with Lenovo’s new Thinkpad X1 line-up technology. That begs the question What more do you need for your wallet or phone? And should you look for your stuff in this reality, or is it added? Only time will tell.Adrin S

He planned a full body scan of the internal organs

Inspection of internal organs.

Photo: Withings

When I first tried Amazon Halo, a fitness tracker that uses digital full body scans to determine body fat percentage, the idea seemed shockingly intriguing. However, we may all see ourselves in more detail than you think. Wings makes some popular, stylish and easy-to-use health equipment. At CES 2022, it unveiled an attractive and mirrored body scanner that monitors biomarkers, such as your heart rate, arterial health, and “body composition.”

Using Wings body scan.

Photo: Withings

The body scanner is a glass platform with four weight sensors and 14 ITO electrodes and four stainless steel electrodes. The battery lasts for one year at a charge and displays your statistics on a high quality 3.2-inch LCD screen. Measure your sweat gland function, as well as heart health, to find out if all of your favorite legs are correct, fat / water analysis, body scans are also working properly. It may take some time if you need it soon.

Applying for a clearance application from the US Food and Drug Administration is prominent among health companies, rather than just responsible equipment. If you have a full body scan, it may be from a company you trust that produces good looking equipment. –Adrin S

OLED (“organic light emitting diode”) display technology allows perfect black levels; Because each pixel in the screen acts as its own backlight, those pixels do not give any light when exposed to black. That’s why every year more and more high-definition TVs and cell phones play these advanced displays. One thing I was expecting was small, very low power OLED screens and other devices. FEP scientists have successfully developed organic electronics, electron beams and plasma technology at the Frankhofer Institute.

These teens’ OLD displays can bring a new look to consumer electronics, with more interactive buttons, instructions and other unique features that do not have a backlight connected to the current screen. As I write this, I am looking at a mix of traditional LED-backlit displays, knowing how much this technology makes the lights go off. We look forward to business applications soon. –Parker Hall

A bag you can’t miss

Target Cypress Hero Bag with “Find My”.

Photo: Targus

Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature has been around for some time, allowing owners to locate stolen or stolen phones using GPS to show their location. Target is bringing the technology to the new Cypress Hero Backpack. You can now use the Find My app to indicate the exact location of your wallet — and if you lose your iPhone, you can ping it by pressing the key in the wallet.


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