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(Image Credit for Lenovo)

We mentioned earlier that Lennovo will be upgraded to CAS today, and one of the new releases is the ThinkPad Z Series laptops, which are a strong focus on the business market.

The two new devices, the ThinkPad 13 and the ThinkPad 16 (named in their respective screen sizes), are made of durable and recyclable materials.

This does not mean that they are not powerful, because both laptops will be powered by the next JAN AMD Ryzen PRO processor.

The ThinkPad Z13 is the only next-gen AMD Ryzen 7 PRO processor and integrated AMD Radeon graphics and Z16 Sport AMD Ryzen PRO H-Series processors, along with integrated AMD Radeon graphics or optional AMD Radeon discrete graphics.

“We are very proud of our ThinkPad heritage but there is little time to reflect, and we strive to please new customers as well as existing ones. Innovation ranges from design and development to engineering and supply chain in our DNA. We will continue to push, make changes and work with close partners such as AMD and Microsoft to meet customer, current and future needs. ”

The ThinkPad Z13 will be available from May 2022 to $ 1549, and the ThinkPad Z16 will be available from May 2022 to $ 2099.

Audio Company Jabra Launches New Commercial Web Camera That You Can Look For in Category PanaCast 20

In addition to 4K HDR video, this advanced camera uses AI to ensure that you are always right in the frame and that the lighting levels are appropriate for the room type and time of day.

Jabra is also eager to highlight security credentials; The PanaCast 20 has a built-in lens cover to prevent any crashes that could damage the user, and all AI-related calculations are hosted on the board, minimizing the risk of data breaches on the way to the cloud.

The main problem is that it does not come cheap at $ 299.


(Image Credit Crisis Jabra)

NetGer has launched a new three-band mesh router that promises fast Wi-Fi speeds and remote work configurations for small offices – and it looks great.

The Orbi Pro SXK50 offers theoretical speeds of up to 5.4 Gbps via Wi-Fi 6, supports up to 75 similar devices and has a maximum area of ​​12,500 square feet.

It will be available later this month in the US at $ 449.99 and in Europe at 1 419.99 / € 449.99.

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(Image Credit Thing Netgear)

Targes has launched a range of accessories to help employees transition and continue their combined work experience.

The new releases include what the company claims is the world’s first biometric equipment and installation solution. Captioned DOCK720 ፡ Extreme USB-C Hybrid / Universal 4K Quad Dock Supports single 8K resolution or four 4K displays Fingerprint verification.

Targus has released a new docking controller that integrates the dock and HD monitor into one room. The Targus Docking Monitor Targus USB-C universal docking station provides a free and productive workspace with a cluttered 24-inch LED display, as well as a “world-first” single power adapter for the dock, both for displays and for laptops.

The DOCK720 is yet to be released, but Targus is priced at £ 399.99 / $ 442.99.

Targus Cypress Hero Bag

(Image Credit Tracking Targus)

If you leave your iPhone or work bag in a taxi or bus, then Targus may have the solution.

The company’s new eco-friendly backpack is integrated with Apple’s ‘Find My’ technology, which allows users to track and track lost items.

So if you just lost your iPhone, you can ping it by pressing a button on your wallet. Users can also set up geolocation alerts, so if the bag is out of range, you will receive an alert, and the tracker also comes with a high-pitched voice alarm.

The Cypress Hero Backpack with Technology Search is available in Spring 2022, priced at £ 139.99 / $ 149.99.

CTA CES 2022

(Image Credit Category CTA)

Welcome to CES 2022, Day 2!

After yesterday’s silent introduction, we are all ready for the real event to begin today, with a key note from Samsung, and press conferences such as LG and Hisense.

There is already a lot of news and releases on the live stream, so here’s a selection of top business startups we’ve seen so far …

So what can we still expect from CES 2022?

CTA says there are still more than 2,200 exhibits on display, although this number could give much hope given the number of discontinued names.

Today (Monday 3) See two major developments, both focused on the consumer market – CES 2022 Tech Trends to Watch Predictions

LG and Hisense will begin their press conference tomorrow (Tuesday 4) when the show itself kicks off.

CES is a traditional consumer show, although this has changed somewhat over the last few years.

As mentioned, we cover all the major B2B and B2C news you need for your business, but if you use the latest gadgets and glitter technology, check out the TechRadar CES 2022 hub for all the latest news.

First things first – Although CES 2022 is going forward, it is certainly not the first event we have come to expect.

Many key exhibitors and major speakers, including Amazon, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft and Google, have already shut down, as the Covid-19 Omicron has swept the world. Physical presence in CES.

CES, the governing body of the CES, has announced that it will close its trade fair a day earlier, with the deadline set for January 7, 2022.

The CV-19 PCR tests are required of all participants before they can be deployed anywhere, and a number of digital events are performed.

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