Catherine Virginia Tech surpassed FSU and buried nine 3-pointer

Talahase, Fla. (AP) – Hunter Catherine scored 27 points in his career, all with nine three-pointers on the school-record, Sean Pedulla scored 21 points in six of his three-pointers, and Virginia Tech beat Florida State. 85-72 Saturday.

In a game where five encounters and eight rebounds, Kattor hit a 3-point deficit, especially in the second half, with 68-60 hockeys 6 ፡ 41. After Florida State called for an end to the season, hockey forced a change, with Justyn Mutts converting two points, and Catherine hitting two more 3-pointers to take a 16-point lead.

The offense was Florida’s second home defeat of the ACC this year, largely because the Seminole entered the season with a win at home in a 25-game conference near ACC. Virginia Tech’s last victory was on Tuesday, February 24, 1990 – a time of 12 losses.

Pedula, the backup first-rounder, blew his season’s top 11 points and three 3-pointers, making it 7 of 6. With 15.8 points per game, hockey leader Keve Aluma made four fouls, four assists and four points.

Anthony Polit scored 17 points, 6 rebounds and three assists for the Seminoles (13-7, 6-4 ACC). Nahim McLeold added 15 points and Matthew Cleveland added 10 points.

Pedula and Kator combined for the first half with eight points from 10: 3: Hockey (11-10, 3-7) led 39-3 at the break. Virginia Tech followed up with a 12-9 lead with 3 points, three with a pedal and one with a catcher 17-9. Once Virginia Tech pulled away the attack continued and Pedula finished halfway through 5-on 3-pointers while Kator won 3-5.

Florida opened the second half with an 11-3 run but Catherine finished with 18 of 18 in 25 attempts and Catherine will continue to hit six of his 3-pointers. The state of Florida was 5 out of 13 miles away.


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