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Case Egg, Business Development Director at QuTech Institute, delivers a welcome talk to Quantum Delta NL Jesse Roberts at RF Technology Preparation (March 29). Although the program shows a broad radio frequency spectrum, quantum computing is a common thread in the program. And this is not surprising because quantum computing is ‘fresh’, says Eagle

At times, the Wright brothers compared the status quo to quantum computing, comparing the aircraft’s creators to the status quo of the 1900s. In early October of that year, they launched a self-propelled barge on the beach. They did not reach more than 150 meters. They did not. The design was adequate for long trips and still needs maintenance for many years. Mess Wright had a mission. They knew they were going to do something big. This will change the world forever.


“It’s the same with quantum computing. At QuTech, we also focus on missions and future information technology. Quantum computers have the greatest computing power that can change the landscape and our society forever. We are building a quantum internet that does not work according to quantum technology. The laws of nature. Eliminates communication interference. Quantum Computers Prototype, POC is ready and in use. But we are far from perfect.

Complex tools

Eijkel argues that only POCs can handle these huge and complex devices with Cutek. “It will take at least another ten to fifteen years for us to have a fully functional quantum computer,” Eggkel continues. “We can now fly 150 meters to follow the Wright Brothers’ style, but we are not ready to fly in the Atlantic Ocean.”


Eikel Netherlands is proud to be a global leader in the development of supercomputers. “We show that this is possible and that it is not just a scientific theory. We are beyond thinking, but we still have a lot of serious system problems to solve to get a used computer.

Three Cute Engineers Working on POC (Photo TU Delft)

From Delph to Beijing

To achieve this goal, Cutek works with scientists and industry partners globally. “Quantum technology also has a geopolitical aspect,” Eggel explains. “The European Union, the United States and China are all working on their own environmental issues. The strategic importance of technology is increasing. We are building technology together. We cannot do it alone. You are moving fast together, but we take into account the geopolitical reality.

Young talents

QuTech partners are diverse. Our contacts range from universities, arts and multidisciplinary companies such as Microsoft, Intel or Fujitsu to small startups. The latter group especially likes Ijkel. “I always work on the connection between science and entrepreneurship. I was inspired to create a place where companies were born. I saw a lot of (young) talent and enthusiasm in QuTech.


Eijkel’s most important message to RF technology visitors is: “Join us! Make sure you do not miss the boat. Quantum technology is growing at lightning speed. ‘It’ takes time ‘because it’ s too late. ”

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