Cannabis wines use cocolysis, emulsification technology to change Napa signature drink

After 30 years and 15 years of innovation in the wine industry, Tracey Mason seeks speed change – and chemistry.

The vine-to-weed pipeline occupied Mason, and she quickly learned how the wine and cannabis industries were similar and different.

In her current job: Saka Bet-Mason as a co-founder and general manager of Alcohol, Cannabis-Wine Company, she can combine these worlds.

“After some point, with any industry, you were there, you did that,” she said. “With wine, you can only go so far. Of course there is packaging innovation, but it is still a beautiful cultural industry, and for someone like me who has a lot of creativity, it feels like a restriction after many years.

A.D. Established in 2018, Saka House offers three different cannabis-infused wines, one of which is Mason’s live glue. The Saka Spark MIMOSA combines reflective sardines with momosa-cannabis cannabis, along with orange blossoms and tangerine to combine the flavors.

The other two offerings are Saka Rose and Saka White, both of which have basic wines from the Napa Valley.

With our contacts we can get our hands on some beautiful wines, get rid of alcohol, and then create a real, wine-like experience without the negative effects of alcohol through many R&Ds. , We are really trying to achieve it, ”Mason said.


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