Canada-based Onyxum Inc., a P-based travel technology startup, has partnered with Zentrum Hub Solutions.

PUNE, India, August 25, 2021 / PRNewswire – Onyxum Inc KannadaBased Leader Provider Shelter, Partners Une nBased travel technology start-upHub solutions. While this partnership is in operation, will have open access to ZentrumHub provider integrations for residential services with better search speed and size insights. offers great international accommodation services from the best hotels to luxury resorts at a discounted price so that travelers can enjoy the ultimate in the expected price range. This allows investors to increase their choice of assets by making better assets available at lower costs. Simply provide onyxum travel dates and requirements and work to find the best hotels around the world.

The various benefits that ZentrumHub offers to its users are as follows.

  • Dashboard Tracker
  • Multi-currency support
  • BackOffice to control ads
  • Optimized Supplier Integration API
  • Admin Portal To control the output display
  • Extranet to install your own hotel contracts
  • Pre-integrated Hotel and Room Map API
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Technical Account Manager

Sachin Singh, CFounder and CEO of ZentrumHub, He commented on the partnership:

As a growing company, it is important not only to believe in our work, but also to work with companies that grow us at every level. At, We are really doing that to shape our purpose.

By Director Farid Zem, They said:

Your travel partner network should be a good fit for your business, and should have values ​​that match your own. The ZentrumHub team really has a partnership and I really appreciate their expertise and advice during our corporate time.

In Care Of ZentrumHub:

Whether you are a travel agent, a travel membership program or a travel and destination management company, with ZentrumHub, you can access all your providers in one API with all search speeds and speeds.


Onyx’s mission is to create lasting memories in every travel experience. Wherever you want to visit in the world, Onyx is also your main international accommodation service. From the best hotels to the most luxurious entertainment, let Onyx turn your dreams into reality.

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