Camala Harris never uses Bluetooth headphones. This is the reason.

US Vice President Kamala Harris does not wear Bluetooth headphones.

You may remember the “we did Joe” congratulations to US Vice President Joe Biden on his victory in the 2020 US presidential election.

During the call, Harris was seen holding a cell phone in one hand and wired headphones in the other.

Harris has been spotted wearing a pair of headphones on several occasions, prompting many to question the US vice president’s position on wireless headphones.

Harris does not like them because they are very careful about security and technology.

According to Politico, Harris is skeptical of Bluetooth headphones and prefers wired headphones.

This is because wired headphones are safer, but Bluetooth headphones may be more accessible to hackers.

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Bluetooth connections, according to several tests, can be used.

Bluetooth connectivity can be compromised, allowing cybercriminals to gain control of the device.

You can even install malware or spyware on your device.

Reports indicate that Bluetooth has been used by cyber security researchers to exploit security vulnerabilities in some phones.

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They then extract information from the system, including business information.

According to many scholars and journalists, Harris’ fears about the security risks posed by Bluetooth technology were well-founded.

Given the political and security concerns, Harris may be wise to turn off her Bluetooth connection.

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A person’s vulnerability is proportional to the value of the information.

Those who store their business and personal data on the same device must be careful.

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