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The combination of electrochemistry and flow technology offers great promise for the sustainable production of useful chemicals, such as bio-based raw materials. Researcher Yeran Kao examined the flow in electrochemical organic compounds, in particular the subsequent flow of micro-organisms. This is a new and exciting environment that presents some challenges. Kao Kao defended his PhD. Posted on Tuesday, September 7th.

Electrochemistry is related to the relationship between electrochemistry and electrochemistry.

Some Benefits of Regular Chemistry Small amounts of electrons can be used as agents for chemical reactions. This means less use of toxic chemicals. It also provides the opportunity to use green electricity from sustainable sources such as solar and wind power. It also allows you to produce the most flexible and flexible, useful chemicals in a safe and sustainable way.

Flow Promise

Electrochemistry, when combined with flow technology (related to fluid variability), provides even better control. Reaction conditions .. However, applying electrochemical feedback in a stream is more complex than feeding the reaction mixture into an electrolytic cell.

“Understanding the engineering principles behind observation will help us improve our technology,” said Iran Kao.

In his birth book, a Chinese researcher focused on electrochemistry of organic synthesis in a continuous flow microarray that can be used to convert bio-based raw materials.

His research includes the design and approval of electrochemical micro-flow processors, the conversion of foraminifera (typical biobide chemicals) into useful chemicals into the flow, and gas-liquid two-stage electrochemical reactions. It includes several steps from switching to micro-flow reactor and acceleration. , And numerical analysis of the liquid Taylor flow regime.

Starting point

“My combined goal was organic chemistry,” the researchers said. We hope that chemical engineering and electrochemistry will serve as a useful reference and starting point for other researchers looking to turn it into flow. ”

“We have made great strides over the past decade, but there are challenges to moving forward. The community should pay more attention to examples of important benefits, such as polyphas electrochemical. To this day, it is relatively simple. “

One of the challenges that Kao faced in research was channel closure. According to him, this Acrylic heel continues to be a microactor technology. To solve these problems, a chemical engineer certainly believes that he is a chemist in both academia and industry.

We are confident that improvements in these aspects will increase the usefulness of flow triggers. Technology push the limits of electrochemistry of artificial organs.

Researchers are developing new approaches to the development of various photosynthesis of crocodile compounds

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