Built a technology trio known as ‘KIMI,’ Soderbergh, Kravitz

Steven Soderberg loves a good thriller: most people know, he knows. But he always knows that no matter what, he is not the only “single-use plastic”.

There is a certain aspect of the confusion that cannot be completely eliminated once you look at it.

He was particularly pleased with the time he worked for KIMI, the classic thriller about a home-assisted weapon, murder and technology worker, Zoe Cravitz. It starts on HBO Max on Thursday.

Screenwriter David Copp (“Panic Room”) floated the idea after reading about the Amazon Echo debate years ago. Recording can be used as evidence in criminal cases. The script that he wrote at the beginning of the plague had the shadows of “the back window”, “the speech” and “the wind” and was invincible to Soderberg.

“Amazing allows you to style things that you can’t miss in live drama or comedy,” he said. “This will improve the story and will require a visual presentation of Bravra.”

He even helped design the device.

“I have very few design ideas, but for whatever reason I was shaped,” he said.

But he knew that the film would live and die with the protagonist Angela Childrens, the camera analyzing her own personal injuries. Cravitz was not personally known, but for some time he was a supporter of her work, especially in “high fidelity.”

“At first I was convinced that he was an actor,” he said. If you have the right person and she has all the tools, I think it would be great to have a special challenge to take control of the whole organization. In addition to being a natural beauty, it shines in intelligence. And she has molecular control over her body and her voice and her face. She can do everything and this movie needs it all.

Due to the complexity of the CVD-19 complex, Cravitz was releasing live footage of The Batman. She wanted to work with Soderburg, but she had been in her own apartment for about six months when the outbreak occurred, so she was able to meet Angela.

Because things are moving so fast, they have the opportunity to connect, but they do not meet until the first day. They said it was mostly “Maria Gipps”, but they realized they had a similar style, especially when they decided to cut back on brokers in a ridiculous way of setting a timeline. Unleash the emails that took more than a week in two minutes. Still, Kravitz was not fully prepared for the “Soderberg experience.”

“The first day I came to meet him, thinking I was going to shoot and talk about the weather on the first day. I said, ‘Oh, are we making the movie now? Okay.’

She knew in that look that he had succeeded, but as long as she was there, she did not know how different his process was. And it was a refreshing pace from a giant blockbuster like The Batman.

“It’s a whole experience,” she told me. “Of course the result is amazing. But the opportunity to see the way forward is a journey. Steven Soderberg’s experience is a journey. …

“It was good to lead a very different filmmaking style.”

Soderberg praised Cravitz for his determination to appear alone. She suggested that you have a bad hair dye that you can use, because, many people were trying to stick at home.

“She’s scared,” she said. “You don’t defend anything, and that’s very rare.”

Although they designed KIMI 10 months ago, they still feel the effects of the epidemic, with some people moving and some still wearing masks. He spoke to Contagion Peeps, who predicted a mixed world.

Soderberg is often in the forefront of predicting the future, especially for his own business. For one, he is good. But perhaps the most important thing is not just talking about it and taking risks with new formats. “KIMI” is the third film. Starting on HBO Max over the last two years.

“My current home is a battleground for adults who love middle class movies,” he said. “It makes sense for KIMI viewers to go to a place where they can see things.”

He thinks it’s a good time to be a doer. But, at the same time, he saw the uncertainty in the industry as “unprecedented.”

“People are overcrowded and overworked,” he said. “I think it’s very difficult to be a company trying to figure out what the five-year plan should look like. This solves all your problems. Doing some good things. That solves everything. You have to do good things. You have to present yourself as a destination to see good things.


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