Budget 2021 ፡ Fri Rishi Sunak announces £ 6bn investment to address NHS security details and improve digital technology in hospitals

Rishi Sunak has pledged ለመቋቋም 6bn to tackle NHS protection details across the UK and improve the use of digital technology in hospitals this week.

Of Chancellor £ 5.9bn set to be announced. Wednesday’s statement To reduce the backlog of non-emergency tests and procedures by supporting at least 100 ‘one-stop’ community diagnostic centers to assist those waiting for clinical trials such as MRI, ultrasound and CT scans.

Effectiveness and safety in the forehead NHS £ 2.1bn investment to upgrade digital technology and save valuable NHS staff, says Treasury.

Nearly six million people in the UK are waiting for regular hospital treatment – a record.

Mr Sunak told lawmakers that millions of patients waiting for diagnostic tests and non-emergency operations would benefit from the £ 6bn injection.

It will come as described Nearly six million people in the United Kingdom are waiting for regular hospital treatment. – High record.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid “Business will not be enough,” he warned.

According to the latest NHS England figures released earlier this month, a total of 5.7 million people were expected to start regular hospital treatment at the end of August – the highest number since the start of August 2007.

Of these, 9,754 were waiting three years for hospital treatment, more than three times the 2,722 people who waited more than two years in April.

These include hip and knee replacement and cataract surgery.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak - Tissue Graphic
Rishi Sunak said the investment would ‘change the game’ for patient care.

In March 2022, NHS England told them to remove the protections that would last for more than two years to hospitals.

Wednesday, Mr. Sunak Compared to 2024-25, it provides financial support for the purpose of providing an additional 30% of the election campaign. Pre-epidemic Stages.

A total of £ 2.3bn in funding package will be used to convert diagnostic centers specifically in the UK in addition to 100 ‘one-stop-shop’ rooms.

The centers will change the screening process for millions of patients and make it closer to their homes, the treasury said.

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NHS is under pressure when Kovid issues arise.

This, in turn, is expected to help treat cancer and other life-threatening conditions as soon as possible – with the ultimate goal of saving more people.

The treasury is waiting for the centers to help clear up most of the experimental controversy that erupted at the end of parliament.

The chancellor says the investment “changes the game.”

“We are committed to getting health services back on track and ensuring that no one is waiting for the necessary tests or treatment,” Mr Sunak said.

“This is a game-changing investment to ensure that we have the right buildings, equipment and systems in the NHS and that the NHS is suitable for the future.”

“The government will do everything possible to ensure that people receive the treatment they need as soon as possible,” Mr Javid said.

“This 6 6 billion investment will help deliver millions more checks, scans and procedures to patients across the country,” he said.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid during a media briefing on Corona Virus (Covide-19) in Duning Street London.  Picture Day Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Health Secretary Sajid Javid warns that NHS cannot return to ‘normal business’.

“The business will not be enough as usual, which is why we will improve care with additional community diagnostic centers, new surgical centers and the latest technologies to help restore NHS services by resolving care details.”

The deal to reduce the cost of treatment is expected to increase የአል 1.5bn for additional bed capacity, equipment and new surgical centers to cover the cost of elective surgery.

Each center will be equipped with four to five operating theaters and will help restore services to the አገልግሎ 500m capital investment already in place for the 2021-22 government investment.

A £ 2.1bn frontier for new technology, improved IT systems will help NHS employees access faster broadband and digital records.

Mr. Sunak He made his address to the House of Commons this week and promised to do “all he can” to support families with the cost of living.

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Early Encouragers ‘Not Solving the Problem’

One of the promises made earlier:

• £ 1.4bn to encourage foreign investment to UK businesses and attract overseas talent

• £ 700m mainly on the new postBreakst. Border and immigration system, as well as new naval vessels

• £ 435m for Victim Services, Crime Prevention and Crown Prosecutor Service

• 60 560m helps to increase the number of math training for adults

• Six-month extension for Covid Recovery loan plan until June 2022

The budget will be presented after PMQs on Wednesday.

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